Saturday, August 9, 2008

Showing off

Ok first I want to show off this skirt I got. I was playing around on Etsy and I happened to come across this shop called Delightfully Deliah.

I noticed she had this awesomely colored skirt in her shop and to make my find even better,it was on sale! See the smug look on my face cause I scored such a great find and on SALE too!!!

Her shop is filled with gorgeous pixie hem skirts in every kind of color combo ou can imagine! She has a lot of autumn stuff up now cause its getting to be that time of the year to think about falling leaves and stuff! get your fall gear now, what better place to start than with a fall colored fairy skirt!

The stitching on this skirt is fantastic! She did a great job of constructing this, and it hangs very nice. The only bad thing is her skirts only go up to 44 inches in the waist. I fit this only by 2 inches LOL. I bet she would do a custom if ya ask her real nice (wink) So if she gets swamped with plus size customs, she knows where they come from!

I LUUURRRVE Pink and green of course, and this skirt makes me feel like a fairy princess. I think everybody needs to own one! So go get you one! What are ya waiting for!
She ships out super fast too, so you dont have to wait forever to get your hands on your cool fairy goods!

OK for my next item to show off is a custom I just finished after it taking for eternity. I made all this patchwork myself...all by myself and I am quite proud of how it turned out. i dont do patchwork stuff like this often because of the time involved, and I do charge a pretty penny to do patchwork too. I am super proud of this one!!

I LOVE these!! Thanks so much Jesse for your sweet business.

And for my next items...yeah I am on a roll today aint I?

I have posted all kinds of new stuff in my Etsy shop. I have an ACEO, a new skirt with a fairy embroidered on it sitting on a mushroom, and I have a new product! I had this idea about herb charms...a little pouch you can wear like a neckalce filled with herbs. I filled these with lavender. You can hang them on ribbon or a plain hemp necklace, or you can just stick em in your drawers or in your closet to keep your clothes smelling sweet. I will include a free length of ribbon free upon request for each herb Charm ordered. I am planning on making many many more, I have tons of ideas for these, and I hope they sell! AHHH! I really enjoy making them cause its a lot of handwork. i like to sew by hand.

I also have some new soaps in Maylees Garden

yes this is my new CUPCAKE soap. Its scented with Patchouli essential oil on the bottom and Vanilla fragrance oil on the top. these are now brown on the top, after I gave up after 3 days for them to turn and I took these pictures then I noticed the other day they finally turned brown LOL They are super cute now. I need to redo the pictures, but these turned out so cool. i love the shadow effect.

here you have from left to right, tangerine bergamot, Tuberose,and vanilla peppermint. I am currently using a bar of the vanilla pappermint and OMG! I love that one. I have made it before and every time I do I have to use some LOL. Clicking the links will take you to the item.