Friday, October 24, 2008

My busy day yesterday

I started off the day by getting up at 6 AM cause Maylee likes to get up at that time now...I got busy sewing on a custom I ended up finishing that night. Check this out, is this the most awesome skirt ever or what!

This was made from some Alexander Henry fabric my customer sent to me, and I was quite excited to work with it as I LOOVE Alexander Henry and I love pirates too and this print has skulls with pirate swords crossed under them. This skirt came out perfect. Each tier is exactly 1 and 1/2 times bigger than the tier before it. It just came out perfect and I am really proud of the craftsmanship.

I also made 6 pounds of soap yesterday. I made so many new scents. i been ordering new ones like crazy thinking I may get into a craft show soon so I been stocking up, plus my soap store is doing really good business right now and I am so thankful for that.

I wish I had pictures of the soap but I am waiting for the sun to come out so I can take some. Its raining here in Kentucky today and its cold and crappy outside.

I made a new soa called "Hayride and a Bonfire" It sounded interesting and fun so I bought the fragrance oil and I am so glad I did! I smelled so many different things while I mixed it up. Forst it was orange, then there was clove, then it was a spicy smell. Now that its mixed up and cut into bars I am smelling mostly orange with some spicy notes right behind it. Its a pretty happy fragrance and its my new favorite!

I also made a new one called "Winterberry" It has some minty notes, like spreamint, and some pine but not like pine-sol LOL it has berry notes of course, and its just a really nice crips fragrance and really does remind me of winter time. its a fresh scent, real clean really fresh like the driven snow....

I made a batch of Amber, and some called "buttercream" this one smells like the best vanilla cake you ever smelled, or those Werthers candies...good stuff! I tried out another designer rip off fragrance too, this one is "Goddess" by Baby Phat. I never smelled the perfume yet but this soap smells really damn good. I am thinking I will get more for some body butter...its nice, very nice. its a floral scent so if you like florals try it out!

I should get all these listed over the weekend. if the sun dont come out today I will rig up some kind of lighting so I can get pictures of these, I got real creative with the colors of course. I am really tickled with the Goddess soap. I twisted ropes of purple, pink, and plain white soap all together and I came out with a really cool looing soap.

And yesterday I also did 2 loads of dishes, a load of laundry, picked up Maylees messes about 50 million times, and swept the floor twice, made the best spaghetti in the universe (Tylers words not mine) shipped off a few packages,Packaged and labled 6 pounds of soap, answered a bunch of emails, updated my street teams myspace page, called mom to see if she got her present I sent her,and changed a bunch of diapers.

I am sitting here today wondering how the heck I did all that stuff yesterday...I wonder if I could do even half that today...probably not, its friday and fridays are crazy here. Too much business to take care of on fridays to get any real work done...I would like to make more soap though...i am expecting my shipment of oils to come today..I got some nice ones (I am tempting you now) I got more pumpkin pie spice, more warm vanilla sugar too I got 4 ounce bottles cause these sold out SO quick. I want to make two pounds of each so i have plenty, and I will have enough oil left to make 2 more pounds each or make some body butters...Hmmm..I also got Pink Sugar by bath and bodyworks...been dying to try it out.

Ok Maylee is up so I HAVE to shut up now. If you read this far, I thank you. I have been wanting to blog for a long time but havent had time...I just cant shut up now its all been buiolding up! LOL

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Warning about chocolate candies

Please watch this video blog about the very real danger in chocolate candies. I really like this man a lot. He seems to be a real kid at heart, he normally does funny product reviews of kids toys and candies but this post is very serious. Please watch.