Thursday, January 15, 2009

Video of Maylee

Maylee is so cute. i really wanted to share this video cause its so sweet. She got out the can of Crisco from the pantry on her shelf last night and sat it down in the floor, went and got her a book from our room and came back and perched herself right on that little can of Crisco and sat there looking at her book LOL She is so cute!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Felted soap and more

Ahhh the bamboo....I spin on it when I get time and this is what I got so far. After it falling off my spindle and spending over an hour to get it would into this ball I am gonna spin up some wool for a more realxing spin then ply these two together and see what I get. I dont know how many yards is here I know its not much though...oh its so shiny and soft....yum.

Tyler has been wanting to felt soap ever since Minde sent me hers. So i led Tyler step by step last night thru the dying process with kool aid so he could make a soap as a special request from Beautifulsoaps who has some really exotic scents you should check her out for real. But the Lovely miss Heather wanted a nice bar of felted Basil And Lime soap so Tyler hooked her up right!

This is the finished soap after its dried and stuff. Tyler is here swinging the soap in a piece of pantyhose LOL He liked that part a little too much...please note the sweet baby in the backgroun hard at work on hacking into NASA computers from our laptop....

In other exciting news, I have been named the Marketing Committee leader of my street team YAY! So I am gonna have to market the crap out of us and I think I am pretty good at pimping art LOL So please dont forget about the contest going on right now all you have to do to win is leave a comment, and next month the prize will be something from me, I am still trying to figure out what to offer...I may offer some legwarmers and soap I am not quite sure yet...So wish me luck in my new job, I have never been the leader of anything except my own imagination so this should be fun...I am already demanding people email me coffee and donuts and assigning slave jobs hehehehe