Monday, March 31, 2008

New stuff on Etsy!

I made my very first tiered skirt saturday night! I was very very excited about it. It turned out so perfect I decided to sell it. It is on Etsy

I used five different fabrics all together...It took a lot of fabric to make this but it was so worth it! I want to make one for myself now and I want to make one where each tier is one fabric only instead of being patchy like this one...Oh so many things to do and so little time!

I learned how to do this awesome tiered skirt from my super duper great bestest friend in the universe, Amanda! She also has a shop on Etsy too. Her stuff is top notch guys! If your looking for well made goods then this is the place to go...She is pretty new at selling but she is damn good at making stuff. I got to drool over her fabric stash over the weekend...she had the most incredible piece of corduroy....(drools) she also made pants out of that corduroy that I tried on and almost forgot to take off cause they was so comfortable...she needs to list those pants in her shop...(hint hint nudge nudge) She did this great thing with the pocket...hard to explain but its great I love it! Its so nice to have someone who sews the same type of clothing live so close to me, and she likes me! Yeah, can you believe it! She seems to enjoy my company and her kids seem to like me too, YAY!!

I have other stuff to list today in my shop...I have a pair of bloomers that was a custom order gone wrong...nothing wrong with them just the fabric wasnt what the customer wanted. I have stopped taking customs because of the baby but that one looked only took me three weeks to get it out...geez...I used to turn around orders like that in one day....not anymore! But anyhoo here is the bloomers..that are more like shorts on me anyways...These would be great for a shorter person, or if you like this length then they would be great too! The rise is a little short on these too, dont know how that happened.... they sit at my waist here in the picture but the crotch is well...where it should be LOL I think these would be best on a more petite plus sized mama. They were made for a shorter person. These are 22 inches long from top to bottom....

This is that smocked dress I made like three weeks ago and never got around to posting. The baby dress to match it is done too but I just gotta get it on my little supermodel and get pictures of it. The baby dress looks exactly like this big dress right down tot he pocket...its so cute!!!

I will probably go on and list this one today and hopefully I can list the baby dress today too. I am gonna try my best!

I guess thats about it...I also posted my soap too. I have some soaps left and I figured I would put em up on etsy and see what happens. It would be great if I could start making bunches and bunches of soap to sell. I like making soap, it makes my house smell so nice.

So what are you waiting for go check out my shop and look at all the cool stuff!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Loving that brown dress! I wrote to you on Etsy about it.