Thursday, December 18, 2008

My 100th post

WOW I sure babble a lot, this is the 100th post I have made since I started this blog in June os 2007. Most of the posts here was made after myspace deleted my profile in early 2008 and ALL the blog posts I made while I was pregnant with Maylee which broke my heart to lose them, so after that I was determined to blog somewhere that was safe so I came here.

So We went out last night cause I had a thing for Taco Bell, you can get any item on their menu with bean substitute for the meat, so I like Taco bell. I of course put on my new hat mentioned in the last post, and Tyler says, "Mama, your not gonna wear that hat INSIDE taco bell are ya??" I groan and sigh because *I* think my hat is uber cool but obviously my son thinks otherwise so when we get to Taco Bell, I start to get out of the van to get Maylee and Tyler yells, "Mama the HAT!!!" So I yank it off and we go in. This scene plays out at every place we stopped at, I had to remove the hat for fear of "Embarrassing" my son (sigh) I think he is at that age where everything embarrasses him, and I cannot make myself wear boring clothes and blend into the public just because he has issues, so he needs to recognize, I am mama...I am with it.

Isnt she sweet when she is sleeping. Noor took this picture yesterday of her and I didnt know till I took pictures off my camera. She is so cute I had to share!

So now thanks to Lacy who crochets stuff and plays with wool I now have this thing for Yo Gabba Gabba. In Particular the "Party in my tummy" song If you click that link just be patient it WILL load and you can get your Brobee fix I promise...anyhoo, I go to Toys r us one day just messing around with Tyler cause he was looking for a skateboard or something, and I had this idea that MAYBE there is a Brobee toy!! So I go looking and I found one! He even sings Party in my tummy!!! As soon as I had the money I was more than happy to plunk it down for my sweet baby to have her own soft Brobee that sings party in my tummy!

Here she is holding Brobee up in victory, she finally got him!

She is biting his neck cause she loves him.

The mark on her face is from another fall...she is such a daredevil. we have to keep the chairs laying down here cause she will climb in them and fall if we don't...this was from a forgotten chair...and don't you know she was right back up in one within an hour, Tyler left one standing up and she ran right for it (sigh) she is something else....

I am just blabbing on and on today cause Maylee is still sleeping so all the things I been dying to blog about are gonna be compacted here LOL.

I have made trades lately, and they have been incredible. I am just gonna throw in a few things, i wish I had time to get them all but I know she will be up here is a few!

ADORABLE doll and hat from Monkeylips on Etsy She makes the coolest hats and other stuff, her work is exquisite! I love trading with her. She sent the hat I traded soap for which Maylee is wearing but its really for me hehehe, and she was so kind to send ANOTHER hat that Tyler took cause as he said, it was WAY better looking than store bought! And she sent this really cool doll that Maylee packs around all the time. Thanks so much Monkeylips!

This hot pink skull keychain came from oubliette oubliette

Makes my keys easier to find now and its just so damn cool I cant stand it. Thanks so much for the great ttrade!!

And you know I cant resist Hello Kitty so when I was asked by Ilovehellokitty if I wanted to trade I almost broke my fingers trying to type quickly back to her YEEESS! LOL

I got this necklace cause its so prissy and fancy and soooo *me* I love it and it goes with all my pink tops I have!

She MADE this Kitty out of swarovski crystals! She like sewed them together or something to make the kitty. I get compliments on this EVERY time I wear it. THANKS AGAIN!

This skirt is one I got in trade from the ever lovely Danielle of Pixypatch who makes handmade clothing and accessories
This is from her peanut patchwork line, and its real hemp! I had to dress Maylee up like a little hippie for this one. Aint she a doll! I made her little bloomers she is wearing too.

Oh and the mark on her bottom lip is another battle scar that is now healed LOL She is one hardcore baby!

This is a sleeper made by the crazy talented Justine of Potomac River Goods. She does batik and hand dying and she sews a lot too. I was in absolute awe when I opened the package and there was this sleeper. It fits her so good and is loose enough it will last her all winter too...she is so pretty in it. I love all the extra touches, there is hearts and dragonflies on the sleeves and the word LOVE on the foot, and a butterfly on it...just so many little things all over it. Justine really made it special and put a lot of love in it for my sweet baby and I appreciate it more than I can say to her. I also got these awesome soy armwarmers but I dont have a picture! I wish I did I wear them every day cause they are so awesome. That link will take you to the listing I bought that has her pictures in it.

And last but not least...I will shut up in a minute just hang tight...These pants are for sale on Etsy (I have to spam you!) and the top I bought from Jesse at Kynd Coastal Creation She has a lot of listings for Custom Hippie Clothes right now, but she made this top and I LOVE it. Its so perfect and the applique is a work of art. If your in the market for some patchwork or some applique work that is truly art check her out.

Ok thats it! I shut up I promise!! I have been DYING to share all the beautiful goods I have traded for and bought cause I hope to bring these shops some business too. If your in the market for great quality stuff check out the sellers I have mentioned. Handmade=love and high quality.

I hope to post again soon I hope you enjoyed my 100th post and my ramblin gon about anything and everything going on here lately!


Justine said...

Thanks for the kudos mama! I put Love on the foot so when you saw her crawling or sleeping from behind, you could read it. :o)

The soaps are AWESOME, mama! I replaced a newly purchased soap with this one and threw the older one back in the basket for the summertime. It isn't NEARLY as moisturizing as yours, hun.

We washed the sheets in the laundry detergent yesterday and they are uber soft and snuggly! The smell wafted up gently as I turned in my sleep.

And guess what? I also threw a teaspoon of the laundry detergent in the toilet, swished it around, and VOILA! I've never seen my toilet so white before!

Auroras_Garden said...

Oh wow Justine thats great! It cleans toilets too!!! I will have to try that myself. I had conidered mixing up a solution with some laundry soap I make and maybe some extra borax just for general cleaning too. i bet it would work!

So glad you love the soap so much that makes me happy cause we sure are loving your stuff here. Tyler is crazy about the socks too! Thanks again Justine, anytime your ready to do some more trading just holla at me!

Kreated by Kelly said...

Very very pretty new stuff! Your daughter is a doll!! I have purchased a few things from Justine over the years and I love each and every one of them -- they are always so lovely!

Anonymous said...

See mama, your soap is going to either make you a millionaire OR you'll have the coolest stuff.
You look like you're about 9 in the Hello Kitty pic. Seriously! You baby face you!