Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My new hat I crocheted with tutorial

In celebration of my love of patchwork I have decided to make a hat from scraps of yarn, and some yarns I had full skeins of, but most was scraps. This hat turned out so freaking cool I think I may make some to put on etsy. If I try really super hard to get time I can make one in one night. I can crochet anywhere which is a good thing.

here you can see the side of the hat..I made the toop of this just kinda cut off, I didnt round it it ended up being kinda square ya know?? It looks so cool like that, really unique.

I made this pattern myself of course, and I will share a bit here how I did it:

I chained enough so that the chain fit around my head when I stretched it, then I made a single crochet in every chain, then I made half double crochets in the next row and every row thereafter. All I did was make one row out of one yarn and then I slip stitched that row and added a new yarn for the next row, after the slip stitch make a chain and then start putting half double crochets in each loop going around. I did do some increases after about the 4th row. I would only increase each row by one until I got the hat tall enough. You have to keep trying it on often once it gets so big so that you dont make it too tall. The increases are so the hat gets that square look at the top, and ends up being bigger at the top than at the bottom.

here you see the hat just laying flat so you get an idea of how its supposed to look when its done.

The ONLY problem I have with this hat is it ended up looking funky where I would start a new row, and it ended up haveing more of a slat outward where I joined the rows too, maybe I wasnt careful and put a stitch in the slip stitch which your not suppsed to do...I dunno. i thought about making the hat in two pieces but then it wouldnt look the way I wanted it to and it would be more work, so i will just be more careful making the next one so I dont accidentally increse at the join.

I considered putting one on Etsy. What do you guys think? Would you buy something this funky? How much would you pay?? I dont think crocheted goods sell very well on etsy but this is really unique and I am seriously thinking about adding them to my collection. I love crocheting and wish i could make more stuff. I am thinking about making a skirt for Maylee thats got this same theme...just a bunch of different yarns put together. She would be too cute in it!

Oh and I just ordered some more wool from Copperpot and hope to have it by the end of this week. I am stocked up on Kool-Aid and ready to do some serious dying!


myindigodreams said...

You did a wonderful job. It looks so cute on you!

Kreated by Kelly said...

That is so awesome!! You look completely adorable in it!!

BeautifulHandmadeSoap said...

Libby it's so cute! I love the different colors and it looks warm too. I'd pay $18 for it on Etsy as a hat, but what I'd really think would be cute would be adding a strap and a lining and using it as a small tote :-P

Auroras_Garden said...

A tote bag! Thats an idea! I thought about using it for a skirt for Maylee before I closed up the end. Thanks for the feedback on it. I appreciate it a lot! I really want to come up with something wonderful and unique to sell on etsy that is crocheted...This would make one awesome tote bag too. It would definitely stand out in a crowd!

Pren said...

omg that is so awesome and hilarious (you look like you have kitty ears!). love it! btw i got you r package today and was totally toally blown away by not only the skirts awesomeness but you total kindness girl. thank you soooooooo much. i will have a chance to blog abotu it this weekend! yays! ((((hugs))))

Auroras_Garden said...

Thanks Pren! So glad you got your stuff and your so happy! I wanted you to be happy cuz I loves ya Pren. You make me laugh all the time with your blog and your just so darn cute and definitely the prettiest lady in the world. The Chad is a lucky guy for sure. HUGZ!