Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Making soap again.

I am in the middle of another 6 pound batch of soap, and this one like the last one has tried and tried to escape from my pot! I stepped outside to check on Tyler who is as cute as a button sitting under a tree whittling some sticks he found so we can make some homemade soap dishes for the soap, and I came back in and there is was...the soap monster!

It was reaching up to the sky and out of my pot with the fury of angry soap. I grabbed my big spoon and beat it until it backed down. This soap I make isn't just has an attitude! BIG TIME! I think that's why it bubbles up so good...still a bit of that angry soap fury trying to break out LOL

Today I am making watermelon,Dragonsblood ( a new dragonsblood by the way) English rose, and Pearberry. The dragonsblood I had been getting was good, but this new one is droolingly good...its bootylicious in the best way. The Pearberry was a sweet lil freebie they threw in. I loves the guys at Brambleberry, they hook you up right when you order, and shipping is pretty quick too.

The watermelon soap is gonna be pink with a green a watermelon! I am gonna cut this one a bit different so it looks like a slice of watermelon, so it will be smaller but its gonna be too cute. Great for the kids to use too. Kids love my soap!

I have secret future plans for my soaps, they are going to take on a more "artistic" look. I have to gather some more supplies and such. Just keep an eye out cause its about to get colorful in Maylee's Garden!
Stay tuned, I will hopefully post pics shortly when some of the soaps are I got to get my thinking cap on to figure out how to make the others look pretty and stuff...

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Anne-Marie said...

Fun! I love getting new packages. I can't wait to hear what you make with your new goodies. =) The new and improved artistic look certainly sounds intriguing.