Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update on life in general

I also posted this on myspace too cause I miss my Myspace peoples!

I am going today to finally get dreads! I found a local lady who works at a ritzy salon who is gonna do em for 80 bucks can you believe it?! I was thinking 200?? so I am happy I am getting it done for 80!
Anyone in Louisville who is looking for dreads email me, and I can give you her number.She has been doing it for 20 years and her own dreads are to die for!

Maylee got sick last week and then Tyler got sick this past week and Maylee has had what Tyler had too so this poor kid cant win, she is getting so skinny. But she will pull thru OK once all this sickness is over I will get her fattened back up in no time. We never get sick so its weird for 2 weeks straight someone in this house has had either this weird flu with the high fever that wont break or this crazy pukey poopin virus thing.

I been making lots of soap and not sewing too much lately. Maylee wont let me sit anywhere without crawling all over me and with my fibro being so bad right now I cant take the pain of my legs being touched at all much less having a baby digging heels and elbows into them. So I dont sew...and she has got to where she tries to stick her hand under the needle and she is just getting too dangerous for me to even try to sew...I hope its a short phase that passes but something tells me I am in for a couple years of being restricted in everything I like to do..thank goodness I can still spin yarn and crochet as long as I stand up to do it (sigh) I feel bad complaining...took me so long to have her ya know...

So I feel my business will be changing a lot. I will probably be offering handspun wool yarn soon, and some crocheted items. I am debating buying some hand cards so I can make some batts for other people to spin up. I would love to make batts! So if you see Auroras Garden changing please dont worry. My first love is sewing and i will come back to it when Maylee is bigger. For now I have a couple of customs I may never get done, and when they are finished I dont plan on taking any more. Its not fair to the customer to have to wait a month or more for an item I could have sewed in one day before Maylee came. I dont like to run business like that so I hate to but I am closed to customs for an indefinite period of time. As I can get people to help me with Maylee and I can get time to sew I will be posting clothing in my shop as I get it made, but all I will be selling is premade stuff. This is a sad day and I would rather rip my own heart out than have to announce I am closed to customs....but I have to.

On the other hand, if anyone wants a custom Soap I can do that! I take requests for special scents you may want. I can find just about anything. Designer fragrances, bath and bodyworks stuff, Victorias Secret stuff...anything you see in a store I can find it and make you a BETTER product than what is offered in a commercial store. All the soaps are vegan and now they are also nut free. Anyone with nut allergies can use my soap with no worries. I can also make a laundry soap that cleans amazingly out of any soap I have in stock

So thats whats up with me lately. Lots of changes due to family and medical issues, but I still keep on keepin on! I love to create beautiful things for you all and I will continue to do it just maybe not in the way your used to seeing. My creative energies are being directed in other places till my baby can grow and learn that I really do need time to work, and its nice to sit down every now and then. My standing all day is why my pain level is thru the roof I know. By bedtime I can hardly walk...this is every day, and its wearing me down seriously. I need a vacation!


Kyfarmlife said...

awwww LIBBY! hey, do what you have to do for YOu and yours! you'll be back in no time! I hate it you've been feeling so poorly! I need to make a trip to see ya soon! of course this ice storm has put my life on hold....damn winter ice.....can you believe how crazy it got??? We are still without power and they are telling us it will be another month! AAARRRRGGGG, so I'll get in touch soon! ring me up if ya want to number is in one of our convos! take care...hope everyone is feeling better soon

Heather said...

Libby I came this morning right away just to see your dreads :-) and I'm glad you're not taking a permanent leave from the sewing machine, lest where would I get such killer blooms from? I am attempting to organize my sewing things. I'll start with mending and gradually start teaching myself how not to speed.

Take care!