Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My snow day

Here is an amazing picture of the snow. I stepped farther out on the front porch to take more pictures this time. I got some good ones. This stuff sure is pretty but it sure has caused a lot of trouble here. See the ice all over the power line...yeah thats bad.

So after freezing my butt off taking pictures I decided to finish up lunch. I started some Chicken for the savages made with Simmons Creek Chicken rub. MMmmmm It sure smelled awesome! You can see it here its the greasy stuff toward the bottom of the plate, and the red stuff is my much sought after taters made with that good Simmons creek Pork rub. I gave the recipe for these taters in a previous post

I will let you in on how I made the chicken which was met with rave reviews by the way. I put some vegetable oil in a pan (obviously) and I added some dried onion...about a teaspoon then I added in some of the chicken rub, 2 teaspoons full, when the oil was hot. I fried the spices JUST a little bit then I turned down the heat and added the cut up chicken breast. Keep in mind you dont want to fry spices more than a couple of seconds they DO burn, ask me how I know this...This is a method you use when making curry, and I wanted to make a bit of a curry but not full blown curry if that makes dont but anyhoo.. Fry the chicken in this spice and grease mixture till its done, then serve as you wish, with grease or without. Hubs prefers to practically drink the grease so I let him have it LOL. I plan on doing something different with the spices next time I get my hands on chicken. For now I have a squash for me and Maylee to eat tomorrow and I am gonna use some more of these spices on that. Maylee LOVES this stuff! Those taters are one thing I could get down her while she was sick last week. not too many but enough to keep her going. I was thankful to have something on hand she would eat.

So after we ate taters and greasy chicken and some mac and cheese, I started back to work on my pants here. They are FINALLY finished. I worked ALL day on these Maylee just wont let me get too much done at once, bless her heart.

These are corduroy, even the plaid fabric os corduroy, but the orb in the picture is NOT corduroy. he is a friendly fellow that likes to hang around. Interesting how I been getting so many orbs lately. Almost every time I take pictures around here I get at least one orb now.

Here you can see up close the pockets, and the embroidery. yeah I broke out the embroidery machine last night. It wont sew for shit but it still embroiders great! I picked a paisley to put on these pants. I went thru thousands of designs before I picked this one. i felt like it suited the project. Of course I did it in red to go with the red and purple theme we got going here. I love these colors so much. They are so bright and happy!
I sewed a purple and a red button on the pockets. I like to make the pockets fancy, so I did these with buttons rather than lace and stuff...lace just isnt the thing for this project. Maybe the next one! LOL

So in between being able to work on my pants, I spun some yarn. Maylee lets me spin yarn just fine so we did a lot of that today. I am working on this white wool right now. I have mixed in some pink with it too. its gonna be real interesting to see how it comes out in a project. I would spin one long piece of white, then attach a long piece of pink and alternate like that. This should be interesting!

Here is my ball of bamboo and wool all plyed and ready to crochet into something cool. I wish I had more! This little ball wont do much but it will make a nice trim for something I hope.

I am gonna try to spin up some more bamboo soon. Its a challenge, and it goes a lot slower than wool cause you really cant draft it, you have to kinda draft as you go, but its fun!

yes thats Tyler with an icicle in his mouth like a piece of straw LOL He is so cute.

So that was my snow day today. I hope you enjoyed it! Bye from Kentucky for now


Pren said...

omg those pix make me miss the snow sooooo much. its so pretty! the yarn came out great too. you were busy this day. tell tyler i like to eat icecles too!

Sue P said...

Love your pink and white yarn!!!
Sue P

Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you doing? Hope all is well.