Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowy ice or icy snow in Kentucky

This is the tree in front of my house...its AWFUL! Its pretty, yeah but its so bad here. The snow is actually deeper now since I took this picture about an hour ago.

We had ice and rain all evening yesterday and ALL night long till about 8 Am this morning then it turned to big fat snow, then it really started piling up. So we have on the ground a nice layer of snow-ice-snow. Makes for fun driving and a fun trip out to get in your car too!

This is the view from across the neighbors yard. I was NOT stepping outside to take pictures I just snapped a few from the doorway. I dont need a broke hip today. Its bad enough I am out of soy milk.

Today I plan on praying to the power line gods to keep my electric on, and if something does happen I have a gas stove so it will run no matter what. We will have heat, and I got plenty of soy wax to make candles with!

If you or a loved one is in this mess, i feel for ya. Its bad. Its REAL bad. I am hoping with the temp getting up to 33 tomorrow it will all melt off and we can get back to normal. I hope.

So today I am planning on spinning more yarn and finishing up the purple corduroy pants I started last night, and I am also making some more of these awesome taters for the fam and i have some real chicken so I am gonna try out the chicken seasoning on chicken this time. Isnt it awful how everytime I blog I have to talk about the Simmons Creek seasonings...yeah I am obsessed. I think everybody should try this stuff for real! Ok I am off to put some more weight on YEAH! Love being snowed in so i have a good excuse to eat (sarcasm)


Kreated by Kelly said...

Wow! Now that is nasty! I saw on the news that you all had gotten some icky ice, but didn't know if it had made it to your area. Take it easy and enjoy your time IN the house!!

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

Did your tree recover? We only have two trees that we were worried about, but once the ice melted, they were fine.

Auroras_Garden said...

The ice melted and the trees seem ok so far, we will know for sure in a couple of months! if they dont get leaves then the ice got em.

Will be so glad when this crap melts for good, even when it was 60 here the other day there was STILL ice and snow everywhere!