Thursday, November 6, 2008

New skirts

OK These pictures defy physics, they suck AND blow. But its the best I can do for now while my camera batteries are charging. Here is the Artsy Collage skirt

I am looking at the bad clouds in the sky, I still have to go out and I dont like going out when its raining! And besides I just cleaned out new van!

Of course Tyler takes pictures when I have the dumbest looks on my face or when I am talking to him so I look stupid.

Or he takes pictures when I am messing with my hair so I look extra stupid (sigh)

This skirt is my new Tinkerbell skirt! I have very few pictures of it cause my camera batteries died and are recharging right now. I really wanted to show this one off so I am posting these pictures even though they suck big time.

The front is one of those baby blanket quilt panel things. I cut it into an A-Line and I had the most incredible purple batik with blue spots in it. I could not have matched these up any better, and believe it or not each fabric was bought on a sererate shopping trip! Even the green at the bottom with the blue in it was bought at a different time and they all just came together in my kitchen today! I wish I had a good picture of the fabrics...I will get one tomorrow. Noor is off and as soon as it hits noon he is taking pictures!

The back of this I appliqued one of the fairies from the leftover part of the panel. You can see Maylee following me with a bag of cinnamon cereal LOL. God I wish these pictures was at least CLEAR!

There is a pocket which you cant see in the pictures real good, but I made it of a piece of the quilt panel that had stars on it...its cool!I sewed a piece of silver metallic ric rac on the top of it.

Tomorrow I will have good pictures of BOTH skirts but for now this is the best I got for tonight.


Pam Hawk said...

The collage skirt - what a neat idea!

Oh, the pictures aren't so terrible. You look happy. That's a beauty secret people forget about. :o)

BTW, you've been tagged!
Stop over to see me at
(And I hope my comment about slugs doesn't offend you... The condiments have not been outside ever since that event.)


Anonymous said...

Wow Libby, your skirt came out awesome!!! The art skirt, I mean. I love the Tinkerbell one as well, but the art skirt is just amazing!

Auroras_Garden said...

Thank you anonymous!