Sunday, November 9, 2008

I feel like venting

I need to have an all out bitch fest, so here goes...

I go to the doctor wednesday and he is a new doctor. My old one whom I loved with all my heart apparently had to leave due to her MS getting worse. I now hate MS with a passion cause it took my Dr Stevens away. Anyhoo, I get this old dude, and old dude doctors tend to be...arrogant?? I dont know how else to put it. Well he obviously knew everything there was to know about medicine but guess what, I do too! I chose not to battle it out with this guy cause I increasingly am laying all my hopes in alternative therapies for everything wrong with me.

He does do SOME lab work I requested.He did a half a$$ check of my thyroid, and my T4 is 1 point off from what they would consider abnormal...I have ALL the symptoms of hypothyroidism and some like my memory loss are severe.I have very little short term memory so if anyone out there has tried to email me or get anything out of me and I seem like I am on drugs, I am not. I have hypothyroidism and my short term memory is fried.Please forgive me and just keep wailing on me till you get a response LOL

He did check my iron cause he was more concerned about my iron than my concern lay in my thyroid but again he is not the one living in this fat vegan body and trying to do everything I am trying to do on half a brain and no energy. So we get the results back of my hemoglobin, and its 8. Keep in mind kiddies that hemoglobin should be 11 at the very least and I believe they consider you mildly anemic if its 11...I am 8. No wonder I feel like crap. How in gods name do I get everything done??!! Yeah I procrastinate like crazy but in the end I get it ALL done. SO I am severely anemic and I do have hypothyroidism regardless what arrogant a$$ says, and I have to treat this myself cause THEIR iron pills make me very sick in a very bad way and Mr Know it all smarty pants doctor wont give me levothyroxin (gives Doc the big middle finger)

I hit Bardstown rd...for those of you that live in Louisville you know this is where you go for "weird" stuff. I wish I lived there...GOD I WISH I LIVED THERE! I envy you highlanders!!!! Anyhoo back to the medicine....I go to the best health food store in the universe Amazing Grace Foods
I end up getting a bunch of vegan glucosamine, and something to kick my thyroid in the butt, and a multivitamin that mops the floor with all other multivitamins. It rules, seriously. I also found this great vitamin C powder that is 5 GRAMS of vitamin C per TEASPOON! OMG I now have glow in the dark urine, and I dont think thats normal....

I started taking all this stuff friday night, and I have to say I think i felt better on saturday...I seemed to have a bit more energy but it could just be a placebo effect.

So I mostly wanted to post this not only to vent but to let anyone know I am sick. I been sick like this for a while. I only bitch about my arthritis pain but I am really bad off in other ways too and I dont think I can keep up, so I am going to extend my "vacation" to the end of the month. I will take special orders for soap, and maybe 1 or 2 orders for bloomers, but I am not gonna let myself get swamped like I have been. Finances are better and I dont HAVE to. I need to focus on me right now cause if I dont there wont be a "me" to make no more soap or bloomers LOL Of course I want to have fun and make bloomers and soap LOL But as of right now I think I have all the orders I can take on for now. In my free time I will try to post some premade bloomers cause thats what you guys like!

And these holidays are coming up...I have a hard time getting into the "christmas" thinking cause we dont celebrate LOL. I always think its just cold outside, I dont have the "Christmas" mindset like everyone else...I am trying to do better with that in my soap shop though. i am focusing on seasonal scents and trying to get in stuff that the Christmas celebrating folks might like, but man, its hard trying to get into it LOL I dont "feel" it like everyone else, and we also dont watch TV so we arent being bombarded with it 24/7 too. So if I seem ditzy in the Christmas department, I am. I have not celebrated since 1999 for various reasons. I dont wish to spark a debate or step on toes...

but I have been Christmas free for a long time, and when I met Noor...well he never celebrated to begin with. it was a "christian" thing back in Malaysia, and something his family never partook of, and here he was astonished to find even the most sinful people participating in Christmas LOL Back there it was a religious holiday, but here its an EVERYBODY holiday. So when I found out he didnt celebrate either, well I fell in love again LOL Lots of things make me like his goofy ass...So each year we joke to each other, I ask him what he is getting his wife for christmas, and he will come off with some off color remark about diamonds are forever ROFLMAO! Or some other marketing ploy he seen on TV LOL We have fun with it, and its weird to us (non TV watchers) to see the shops immediatly transform from normal to Christmas hell practically overnight. I will always come home and tell him sometime in October or sooner, that Christmas must be coming the damn tinsel and lights are up in the stores. He comes back from an auto parts store yesterday telling me about Christmas music...with his half ass grin, he said it made him want to buy tools as gifts, LOL.

Its also funny when he works overtime at this time of year cause the people at work think he is working extra to buy Maylee a bunch of crap for Christmas LOL. I went thru that when I worked there with him...they thought we both were working hard to get Tyler a bunch of stuff, and then they would ask him what he was getting me for Christmas and Oh god it was just too funny. Those were good times, good times. I miss working with my husband. We got a lot done on our unit and we had fun too. I miss it.

OK so here I am wailing on Christmas....(sigh) Its the christmas music in the stores , it does this to me LOL.

So I am asking for all your "high hemoglobin" vibes right now. i want to get it up to 12 at least...I never have known myself to be above 11 really...but i am shooting for 12, and I go to be rechecked sometime around...December 25th...hehehehe....So I need to get more spinach and keep taking this awesome multivitamin, and hope for the best. I can do it!


Pam Hawk said...

Hey Libby, thyroid issues suck big time. I feel so bad knowing you feel like crap and can't function like normal, and on top of it all you have an old dude doctor who doesn't get it. I've been there myself and struggled with it for YEARS before finally getting some relief. Last year I finally had a doctor tell me my results are just a hair under normal but my symptoms indicate that it's too low for me, so she wrote me an Rx and life has been good ever since.

Also, "Normal" will vary from person to person, so the test results aren't conclusive by themselves. Besides, it's not just how much T4 you have but how your body is able to convert the hormones for use.

I know you're not asking for advice, but I'm going to share some with you anyway, take it or leave it.

First, go to Mary Shomon is a thyroid brainiac who is a well-respected patient advocate. She's been through it, herself, so she knows how frustrating the process can be. There is a wealth of info there, including a symptom survey that you can take, print out, and show a doctor.

Second, time to shop for a new doctor, if you are allowed to do so. Find women who are treating their own thyroid conditions and get referrals from them.

Third, (and you can learn more about this from Mary Shomon's page at avoid foods that slow down your thyroid function even more. Peanuts and soy are on the 'bad' list. I know that doesn't help you as a vegan, but maybe you can find some other protein sources that will support what thyroid function you do have. On the other hand, some studies have shown that coconut helps to support thyroid function, so if you like coconut (oil, milk or flakes) then see how adding a little of that makes you feel.

Good luck and please keep us posted. I hope you can get this resolved quickly so things will feel normal again.


KimberlyRies said...

Hey Libby, sorry to hear you have been feeling bad lately and have had no energy. If you don't like that doctor, get a new one!! It's so important to have a good doctor and one that listens. I hope the stuff from Amazing Grace helps you. I lived in the Highlands for 14 years and loved the vibe you mentioned. Crime is bad in the city though and I moved away to suburbia. LOL!

Keep us posted, hope you feel better soon!


Auroras_Garden said...

I feel ya on the crime rate Kim. I hate it here too. Thugs everywhere! Heck, the poor old lady up the street, like 5 houses down from me, had her door open one day cause it was nice outside a couple weeks ago, and some butthole comes in her house, slaps her around and takes her purse. Now we all keep our doors shut AND locked even when we are home! I dont feel safe even sitting on my porch anymore. I am so ready to MOVE! But I do love the highlands! LOL
And Pam I am gonna check out that site you mentioned. I read up a lot on thyroid stuff a long while back but thats one site I did not hit, and there is always room for more knowledge! The thyroid is so important for everything...I KNOW I would be a lot smaller if my thyroid wasnt messed up. Hell, for one whole month I was eating about a 50 to 60% RAW vegan diet, and NO candy bars...I just didnt want them. You tell me why i am fat!? it HAS to be the thyroid! I did find out at the doctor I lost 12 pounds..woohoo.yay. I should not weigh 203...I just shouldnt. I like being fat but I am just saying with what I eat, I shouldnt be THIS big.

Thanks for the love guys. I appreciate it, and old dude doctor wont be at the clinic for long, he will be replaced the very day they can find a replacement for him. Dr Stevens left before they could find someone to fill her spot. I miss her...But Old dudes days are numbered and I hope he is out of there before I go back in 4 weeks

Knit Lunabud Knit said...

You know my Grandfather is one of those 'Old Dude' Doctors....grrr, and does he ever have a !@#%ing god complex! I thank him for bringing my Mom, Aunt & Uncle into this world, but they (his own children) literally call him a 'sperm doner'. The funny thing is that he is a very intelligent man, but lacks any sense of even a remote resemblance of humanity. I feel your pain. Those 'Old Dude' Docs really do suck a$$!

Knit Lunabud Knit said...

Ooops! Forgot to add....

Hope you are back up to top speed soon!

Pren said...

go "globin" go! im thinking high for you. ((hug))

Anonymous said...

Eat up sweet buddy! Take care of yourself!

sarah said...

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