Sunday, November 9, 2008

I got tagged again!

OK 7 things about me you didnt know...

1.) I will gross you out from the start with this one...since I took 3 grams of vitamin C friday night my pee is STILL nuclear, day glo, yellow/green I know this is not normal, and I am hoping it quits soon.

2.) I really like this new crocheting thing I picked up and I secretly wish I could hide in a closet and do it all the one would bother me there!

3.) I have the worst, most horrid, kentucky ,country, hillbilly, redneck accent you have ever heard in your life...I am not kidding. I sound like I lived in the backwoods all my life...hey wait. I did.

4.) I grew up in the backwoods...seriously. I grew up in a nice "Holler". It was a opening surrounded by three hills.There was roughly 2 acres total that was flat and thats where the farm was and our house. We were very sheltered from the weather too, no tornados could get us. Dad said so.... but yeah...backwoods baby!

5.) I went to a high school with a bunch of white kids and 1 black dude.Thats how hillbilly it was...I never seen a black person till I was about 7?? maybe 8 years old. No joke! Asian people was only on TV...I was a lot older when I seen one of them, and then I thought the asian guys was hot so I married one hehehehe

6.) I read the entire Encyclopedia set my mom bought me within a month or so of me being able to read I was like 6. I loved reading, I still do. And I hate reading novels and stuff. I would rather sit down with a good dictionary or encylcopedia volume, or a medical text than to read a novel. I love to learn. God I love it! This qualifies me for official NERD status I am sure, but I like it!

7.) I like talking to people when I go out. I know in most cities its not kosher to be friendly...I just came from Chicago last month so I know this LOL but here in Kentucky the people are friendly. We really are. I like it I can go out and strike up a conversation with an elderly lady and she talks back to me real nice, or sometimes young people will be nice too...I like it when elderly ladies pick ME out of all the people in a store to help them with something. That makes me SOOO happy cause I really love old people. I guess they can pick up people like me on their radar and they gravitate toward us somehow...I like it. I miss taking care of the elderly. But I guess in a way I still do on occasion.

OK I am still thinking about who to tag...I have no freaking clue AGAIN! but I am gonna go sleep on it and if I dream up 7 people I will update this post appropriately!


Daisy Soap Girl said...

I am finally glad you got out and explored the world and met more old people like me! LOL

Danielle said...

OMG I too love reading the dictionary and the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) What can I say, I dual majored elementary ed and psychology...I love head cases...for the most part! lol

Auroras_Garden said...

I too love reading the DSM LOL. I am also fascinated by behaviors of people. I read a lot on psychology for about 10 years, mostly as a teen. I still hold a deep fascination for WHY do people do what they do??

Anonymous said...

You're right! I didn't know those things! I read non-fiction, too, and LOVED reading medical texts since childhood :)
P.S. It's Minde

Auroras_Garden said...

Minde, why is my pee a day glow yellow/green? I took about 2.5 to 3 grams of vitamin C on FRIDAY! and still, it looks like something you see in a glo stick...I am overly concerned about my pee...oh and thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! I didnt know you was a blog reader (wink) I am sure glad you stopped by mine. I am always babbling about something here.