Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We MAY be moving in a few months!

And if we move it will be here.

This is a 4.8 acre plot of land 7 miles from my mom and about 8 miles from the river (smiles)

At the river there is fishing, and swimming....for free!

At mommies house there is good food and cakes...for free!

See why I wanna get down there so bad!

This is a view from ON the land. We walked (oh god it killed me) across one of the property boundries to see where the back of the property lie. We found it past those trees. At this point I was wishing I could materialize a 4 wheeler out of nowhere. It is hilly. They say "Gently" rolling...they havent been arthritic,anemic,and fibromyalgic walking across this thing with weeds up to their asses...its NOT gentle! But its pretty nonetheless....

This is a shot from the center of the land....almost. Its got trees across one side and across the back and the center is pretty much open. I found a HUGE variety of plant life in the weeds, so I am pretty sure the gground is good for growing. There is also a lot of rock like you find around creek beds. I found some nice granite too...and those chalk rocks. I like those. I found a big one too! I would have went nuts over that when I was a kid! LOL I almost brought it home with me LOL

I have no idea where we would put a house or barn or anything. We havent planned nothing yet. We havent even made the down payment because he was late to work and we had to rush home. We will be going back friday to actually purchase this land though. I am almost positive he wont go back and change his mind...if he does I am gonna be pissed cause I done told everyone about this LOL and I like the land a lot...but we do need a 4 wheeler. Unless I get real healthy real quick LOL.

Also in other news...I made a glove! LOOK!

I made this with some handspun wool from my favorite place on Etsy Cintia's Hippie Shop. I HIGHLY recommend going there cause she has tons of real sweet looking stuff in there, and her yarn is INCREDIBLE! The yarn I bought is the blue sparkly stuff at the top. i knew I didnt have enough to do the whole glove as long as I wanted it to be so I mixed em up, but I LOVE having that warm soft wool on my hands!

I used a nice furry soft blue yarn I got in Chicago, and a plain white acrylic held together to make the bottom part, and of course the plain white for the ruffley trim. If anyone wants to know how I did these, I will try to write out the pattern. I just made it up as I went along, and I consider myself a beginner, so this is NOT hard! LOL

I also made a glove today for mommy while we was driving to the country to look at that land we found. Yeah I made this in like an hour! The top is just plain acrylic and the bottom I used ribbon and yarn held together, and then I made a white ruffle below that part. I wish I could get a decent picture, this is the best one I got. Its raining outside again so no sun today, BLAH!

I thought mommy could use some of these gloves cause she gets cold at Bingo...hehehe. I figured she could wear these and still have use of her fingers to hold her bingo marker thingy...

Well I guess thats it for big news and big creations today LOL. I got some pants I am working on I will try to get pictures up when they are done. They are already sold so dont get excited LOL I just like to show em off. I got big plans for them

Oh yeah and if ya want them I have a pair of flannel bloomers and a pair of muslin bloomers on etsy right now! (opens floodgates) LOL!!!

Love you guys!!!


KimberlyRies said...

Beautiful property. Keep us posted!!


Kyfarmlife said...

woo hoo! Where is your property close too? Is it still in da'ville? Awesome!

Auroras_Garden said...

Actually I think it may be closer to you sort of LOL. Its about 8 miles from the rough river dam. I will be 10 miles north of leitchfield and about 24 miles south of Hardinsburg.

Of course it will take time to find a mobile home or something to live in till we get permanent housing built. Ya know anyone selling a trailer 10 years old or newer for cheap?? You know anyone wants to buy an old house in PRP for 85,000 bucks? LOL Its cute, we just dont need it no more.

Anonymous said...

Libby I am soooooo freakin happy for you! Someday, we'll drag our little camper down and visit!
Love ya,

Auroras_Garden said...

Oh Minde, I would LOVE that! If we get to build a cob or soemthing else interesting you will love it, I know you would. We would have so much fun if you came to visit! We could go swimming in the river, and go fishing, and feed the chickens! OMG! I am excited thinking about it! LOL Love you Minde!

Kyfarmlife said...

WOO HOO you will be closer to me! I'm so happy for you guys! I'm about 20 minutes from Leitchfield as it is and its just a hop skip and a jump to Rough! My mom lives in Leitchfield! I'm gonna be your way a lot, and you'll be coming up my way to go to the "big city" as they call etown! LOL