Sunday, September 21, 2008

B.E.S.T. Bluegrass Etsy Street team

Yep, I am a member of a real live street team! I did the myspace page for us too...its OK I wish I could put in more slideshows and stuff. We also have a Flickr page with 3 whole members wow.You can go to Etsy and search keyword TEAMBLUEGRASS to find ALL our stuff. There is a really great blog with all our shops and blogs and all kinds of other stuff and I am "Member of the week" YEEEE HAAW!! Check it out! This means I am famous all over! I am just getting too big for my britches huh? Pretty soon no one will be able to live with me. I been running the "front page of Etsy" thing in the ground since thursday and now this! If you find me floating face down in the Ohio River, THEY did it and they had every right so dont blame them roflmao!

Oh and I made a treasury of our stuff go check it out before it expires!

So now that I am an official member of the street team I am doing a craft show Saturday! YAY! If anyone reading is anywhere near Radcliff Kentucky Stop by! Its called the "Every Woman's Arts And Crafts Festival" It sounds really cool, and I am pretty excited. This is the first time in like 2 years I got brave enough to do a craft show. The last one I lost my ass on cause I only made like 18 bucks in sales and it costed me 35 to set up there....I am sure this one will turn out different though. I am confident. And if not, its really nice to get out and socialize and stuff.

I will be sharing a booth with one of my team members too she makes really cute cat stuff. I loves the kittehs! her shop is called Purrprints
You should check out her shop, her stuff is really great! I am excited to be sharing booth space with her! I hope she dont mind smelling nice soap all day cause I sure dont mind looking at cute kittehs all day LOL

I will report back and let you guys know how the show went. For now I got to go sew stuff and make some soap and get ready! AHHH! I need more stuff to sell!!!!!!! (trying not to freak out, trying really hard)

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