Sunday, August 9, 2009

Maylee's Modified Stroller

I was sitting on the front porch sweating like a rabid pig and getting eaten alive by mosquitos when here comes Tyler down the street....with Maylee's stroller tied to his bike (sigh)

As you can see she made it thru OK and cried when he got off his bike. She loved it and wanted to do more "bye bye".

He tells me excitedly how he built this contraption and the "hell" he went thru finding something that worked...this was his first experiment below:

Yeah you thought the stroller tied to the bike was scary, and the car seat strapped to the dolly was horrifying, get a load of this

Yes...he was gonna somehow TIE this to his bike and put that sweet baby in there to drive her around..he tells me that he did not think it would hold up...(sigh) Note the lack of front tires....

Maylee seems to enjoy her new "bye bye" she wouldnt stay out of it and kept asking Tyler to go "bye bye"

See how happy she is! LOL Her pants are her new kitty pants I made for her over this weekend. She loves kitties! Thanks goodness she is still around to enjoy the kitties...Tyler is pretty good at rigging up stuff though...kinda wish he had asked me first though. This was so hilarious I HAD to share with you guys. ENJOY!


Kellibeans said...

LMAO LIBBY! I SO needed that laugh right now.

Tyler has definitely got the "Red Green Show" gene. Tell him I said next time, use duct tape! XD

Auroras_Garden said...

I love the Red Green show! I remember best the episode where he was making something and he needed rain, so he went and washed his van then it rained immediately LOL! I love that guy! Wish I could get his stuff on DVD or something.

Michelle said...

That's hillarious! At least she looked like she was having a good time!!

Kellibeans said...

My husband and I have been hunting for it too, we watch it on KET on the weekends. You know it's bad when he looks online to join the "real" Possum Lodge. LOL