Saturday, August 23, 2008

fancy new Fabric cuff

This is it! The new fancy fabric cuff. I love the way it turned out, EXCEPT for the back....

I had this thing totally completed, and I was locking the thread on the last stitch and I realized....I put the elastic loop on the same side as the button (sigh) So I had to cut it off and sew it like you see here in the picture....tacky.

You can see from this close up how pretty this turned out. its a scrap of the Alexander Henry fabric I got for Maylee's pants, and I added in some yarn,some pretty trim Kelly sent me, and some ribbon with fray check added to keep it from getting crazy. I also used a metallic pink thread to do the freehand quilting. Oh yeah this has a wee bit of lavender added inside of it too...nice touch! Not only does it look pretty it smells pretty too!

I am gonna be putting this on Etsy at a discounted price because of my HUGE mistake...I feel like its so pretty someone would love to have it but its got issues with the craftsmanship so maybe someone would love it at a cheaper price...lets keep our fingers crossed! LOL

I just love making these things, and I am hoping to be getting a new sewing machine very soon, and I will be doing more and more stuff like this.

I am having major issues with my machine which is an embroidery/sewing combo machine, and I will never own another Janome again EVER! I hope I can get a Husky-something...they look pretty heavy duty! Anyone want to comment and leave your suggestions for a good sewing machine that dont break down every couple of months please feel free to comment!! I could use some suggestions


Daisy Soap Girl said...

I get such inspiration from your designs. They are so interesting. I don't do much as much sewing as I did years ago just quilting and pillows. I have a Kenmore that I've had for years and Martha Stewart was showing a machine on her show a few weeks back. Go to Martha and see if it's listed.

Pam Hawk said...

Hi Libby - I have something for you. Stop by my blog when you have a chance, ok?

Kreated by Kelly said...

Hey!! Very pretty!! Here is what I would do to "cover up" all the stuff you don't like about the cuff:

1. find a coordinating piece of fabric that is bigger than the cuff.

2. lie the cuff on top of the fabric and cut around it leaving a 1" selvege.

3. make rolled hems all the way around the piece of fabric and stitch them in place

4. using stitch in the ditch, stitch the new fabric onto the back of the cuff.

This way it will be lined. Also, if you put a button at one end and attach the button at the same end as the main side, the cuff will be reversible.

Love ya!!

Pren said...

you know that skirt is really really cool. in scrapbooking there is this thing called serindipity squares. you take a big piece of paper and slap paint extra stickers scraps of paper, whatevers left over basically and then when you have the whole thing covered you cut that piece of paper into 1 inch squares to use as embelishments. this reminds me of that. i love it!