Monday, September 1, 2008

Maylee is now WALKING! Video

She started this yesterday. I was in the kitchen making soap, and kept hearing her fall and her diaper crunch. I looked behind me and there she was going around in circles WALKING! This isnt the two or three steps and fall down kinda walking that she has been doing for weeks, this is the real deal. She is walking around the living room right now playing with her dad as I write this. She falls really good, and she walks kind of like an old drunk. She is so cute. I just really wanted to share this milestone with all my friends out there that love her so much. I know so many of you have enjoyed watching her grow thru my pregnancy and now thru her first year of life.


Anonymous said...

Ohh Libby, she's growing so big, walking, little glees of joy!!! Oh, this is such a beautiful time. Love her wee pants too. (hugs)

Pren said...

omg!!!! big girl!!!!

Rhonda said...

Oh Libby, you must be so proud! She's just too adorable!