Sunday, August 30, 2009

Heartland Music Festival 2009 in Elizabethtown Kentucky

I was hanging out on my Facebook Friday night minding my own business when my buddy Gary Fights announces there is a show he is doing on Saturday. I have been dying to see his band Junell street live so I ask the usual questions...WHERE?? Well the Heartland Festival in Elizabethtown of course! Gary and his band are part of the Heartland Songwriters Association.

We got there right for Junell Street's last song. I really wanted to see the whole set but it just didnt happen. The next band to come on was Izzy and the Creepers. I was hooked from the first song! They are a psychobilly band and I havent heard much psychobilly but I know I sure do like it. These guys rock! I wish I could have got a picture...I wish I could have MET THEM!

I got caught up in taking pictures of Maylee and Tyler...and then I went down to the craft fair part of the festival...that was not a good thing to do when I am broke!

But then, I ran into someone I know from other shows I have done. Liz, who has a charity in honor of her son Joshua,
Joshua's Friends. As a parent of a disabled child myself, I totally love what Liz is doing. I have tasted her fudge that she sells in her Etsy shop, and I can attest it is GOOOOD! I love Liz, she is a sweet sweet woman, and I wish her charity the very best. I love her idea of building a house for the families of disabled children to come and just relax is an awesome idea. In my opinion if you have a high needs child, your so tired at the end of the day you dont have the energy to relax, but if you took a little "vacation" to this cool new house they are raising money for, the entire family could have fun and everyones needs would be met, even the mama's. Love ya Liz, and I love what your doing!

I seen the most amazing crafts, and I wish that the artists I talked to had some websites I would totally post them here, but a lot of these artisans seem to focus more on the art rather than promoting themselves, we all need promoters! Then we can take time to do what we do best, make art!

After I tortured myself with beautiful things I could never purchase and enjoyed a great and uplifting conversation with Liz, we went to see the U.S. Army flex its muscle for the festival goers. Tyler and Maylee had plans...BIG plans!

We found a hummer. It was pretty cool to look at but Tyler and Maylee had a plan...Maylee flashed the army guys to stun them while Tyler made his way into the Hummer to hot wire it and steal it!

As Tyler drives off screaming,"You'll never take me alive!" He points his finger gun at the crowd...they quickly back they should. You dont mess with the finger gun!

Eventually Tyler gets tired of pointing his finger gun at people and driving thru he comes back to the festival, and plans his next conquest...tha TANK!

ROFLMAO! You know I cant take a series of pictures of the kids without making up some kind of silly story to go with them! LOL

We had fun at the festival, and I think I may try to vend my soap in next years! We will see! The booth fee is reasonable enough for the amount of people coming thru, and I could see that some people were selling. The candlemakers booth looked pretty slim, and the lady making the cute tutu's and bows for little girls looked like she was running low too. I hope everyone done well yesterday, I know I seen a ton of beautiful things and if I had 1,000 bucks I would have spent it within 15 minutes of being there! LOL


JordanMayTwigs said...

Thank you Libby!!
I got my package today.
I hope you got something extra kick ass in honor of me!!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

PurrPrints said...

Heh, this is what always happens to me when i check out any craft fairs, or fairs with craft booths in them--it leaves me wishing i had money to spare, to buy everything i fall in love with

p.s.--thanks for your kind words about my art on the Bluegrass Etsy blog--you're one of the people who inspired my latest blog post.