Friday, August 28, 2009

Sucking up to my mom again...

Mom don't read my blog so I am totally safe posting her surprise here LOL. I am almost ALWAYS looking for a way to suck up/kiss butt/be the favorite. I usually prevail, and this time its a sure thing my sister and brother cannot top this one. They just cant do it! I dare both of them to try to outdo me! (evil laugh)

I seen this shop one morning when I was listing my own items on Artfire. This gorgeous Pink rose ring was on the Front page and I fell in love..and clicked!

I was taken to a shop called Flower Rings By Kia.The pink ring was the only one in her shop at the time...but as the day wore on she posted the red beauty at the top. And I KNEW I had to have these!

Moms Middle name is Rose, and she has a thing for the color red, and she happens to like roses....This is a huge score as far as brownie points!

The beading on these rings is incredible as well. I just LOVE the way she puts these together with the flower, the beads that resemble leaves, and the ring band is beaded too! These rings feel like they are top quality for most handmade goods are! I don't want to take these off! I highly recommend this seller, as she was very super duper kind to me and her goods are top notch not to mention stunningly gorgeous.

So if you got a minute check out her beaded flower rings shop! She is just starting out on Artfire and will appreciate the love!

I cannot wait to see the look on moms face when I give this to her. Normally I send presents by way of mail, but this isn't just any old present. I wanna be there for this one!


KimberlyRies said...

Great ring and great thought went into it. Hope your mom loved it Libby!! I am competitive like that with my brothers too. LOL!

Auroras_Garden said...

Mom loved it! I knew she would. I am so glad to hear I am not the only one competitive with the brothers. I love being the "favorite" LOL