Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Happy: Good friends

I got some great friends, guys. I do. I am so blessed its just crazy! I was feeling bad today. Like REAL bad. Things aren't going real great for me today, and I just felt super tired on top of it. I went to bed, and I woke up 4 hours later to the sound of a ripping box. Tyler was sitting next to me on the bed and he shoves an open box under my nose. I cant see real well when I wake up but I could definitely see the bright colors inside the box. I sit up and start going thru it and I find the two awesome bracelets Maylee helped me model at the top, and the awesome earrings too!

There was also the awesomest rainbow knitted scarf I have ever laid eyes on. How Elicia knew I had been dying for a rainbow scarf for at least 8 months now I have no idea...she is psychic I am sure of it! I want to give a huge thanks to you Elicia, you made me feel SOOO much better today. I feel loved!

The cool headband I am wearing was also a gift not too long ago from my secret twin Kelli of Kellibeans fame. She sent Maylee the cutest little bean with wings...I need to get a picture of him, he is adorable. Kelli makes some adorable stuffies check her out!

I am always getting a lot of love from my good friends online. I don't have pictures of everything but the shops I am about to list give you a good idea of the quality of love I have got recently.

Papillion Jewelry Sent me these awesome crocheted earrings for my birthday. She was SO sweet to do that! They are VERY comfortable to wear, and I just sit and look at them wondering how tiny her hands must be to crochet those itty bitty stitches on them! THANK YOU! I enjoyed the cool packaging too! They were wrapped in a map of Vietnam. That made me feel like I was getting such a treasure from an exotic country. I very much enjoyed the effect. You are so kind to send something so nice to a stranger. I wish I could hug you!

CreativeEyeStudio Kim is my best buddy. She helps me run the Street Team, and she busts her butt for us every day. She is as passionate about global domination as I am, and I love her for it. She recently sent me these awesome GLOW IN THE DARK hippie bus earrings. These have real sterling silver wires guys, this is NICE stuff! Thanks so much Kim! BIG HUGZ and many blessings to you!

ChristinasHandmades Christina is a great hippie mama friend.She makes some really awesome natural gemstone jewelry .I have known her for ages online and recently I was so blessed to meet her in person. She brought me bunches of cool gifts, one of which was the AWESOME handmade visor I am wearing in this picture. I LOVE THIS THING! I wear it a LOT and I cant go nowhere in it without someone complimenting me. Thanks Christina! You rock!

There are so many more people I need to thank from over the years of sending me goodies. I wish I could hug each and every one of you for being so kind to me. I always try to send out the positive energy back into the universe by doing plenty of my own RAOK's I do enjoy keeping the love going around and around. I love seeing it come to be and I love sending it back out. Love is a beautiful thing, and I love all my great friends online you guys are another happy in my life.



alchemiss said...

Hi Libby,
Happy belated birthday. I found your site through Artfire and hope to step up marketing of my artfire shop through some of your examples. Looks like you have a lot going on. - Christine

KimberlyRies said...

Glad you had such a great birthday and received lots of cool surprises in the mail!