Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy week Friday BIG happy

I didnt plan on being able to post again today but it seems life is slowing down and getting calm...this makes me VERY happy! For today my happy is this:

My Tyler. No he isnt drinking a beer but it sure looks like it huh? They put root beer in interesting bottles LOL My Tyler started himself up yet ANOTHER business last night cutting grass...he has been talking about it for a while and last night he printed out his flyers he made and he hit the streets with his lawn mower going door to door.

Tyler was gone about an hour or two and he come home with a 20 dollar bill in his pocket. I am proud! He has been wanting a cell phone, and I kept telling him no cause its an expense we dont need, and a cell phone to us is pretty useless anyways. But he made the money to pay for every penny of a cheapo pre paid cell phone so he went over to Staples and picked one up. I cant tell him no on that one, its his money!

I knew when he left the house with the lawn mower he would come home loaded. And to make it better he has yards lined up for the weekend so he will be making even more money! I am gonna make him save it for a 4 wheeler cause thats what he REALLY wants bad.

Tyler makes me happy. He can be the best son a mom ever wanted. He helped me when I was pregnant with Maylee, he pushed my wheelchair when we went shopping (he liked trying to scare me so I would go into labor and have her) He even helped when she was born. He held her and helped out while Noor was helping me. Tyler would ALWAYS bag the groceries when we went to the grocery store, and he would put them in the car and carry them in the house. I never had to touch anything at the grocery store. He did it ALL and I never had to ask him to do it. He just knew I needed help and he did it.

This is my other happy for today:

My Justin. This picture is so cool. He likes it too. Justin is now 16! His birthday is 2 days before mine. he was due on my birthday but the doctor induced labor so here he is 16 years later. Justin is quite the flirt and has been peeking over my shoulder while I am on facebook at my friends. All my friends are women, so of course Justin is all over it. He seems to love my friend Elicia a lot. He says she is hot, and he wants to meet her husband...probably to beat him down so he can take his woman. Justin is cute.

Justin has cerebral palsy, he was diagnosed when he was about 3 or 4. He functions very well and I have been told that he can most likely live a pretty normal life and have kids and stuff...I almost fell out of my chair thinking about my Justin having kids...maybe when he is 50 or something...not anytime soon!

Some of my greatest life lessons are from Justin. He has such a kind loving heart and is so giving and so free with the hugz when we go out places. Everyone loves him cause he is so good and so kind. Its easy to see the love in his heart. He has been a huge blessing to me. I sometimes feel bad because he has a disability and feel like he got "cheated" out of so much, but then again I see where his life path is a special one. He has been a shining example of pure innocent love for me to go by all these years, and he has brought so much into my life and the lives of everyone he meets, I feel like his soul is very strong to pick a life path such as this one to follow. I am proud he is my son.

My children are my biggest happy. ALL of them, not just that sweet baby. There are such great and wonderful things about all my babies, and each one of them is different in their own way, and I love each of them for who they are and the adults they will become.

Tyler looks like he will be my crafty business man, Maylee my little helper baby, my sweet baby who looks like she may be crafty too, and my Justin, who teaches me the lessons of the soul with his heart of gold. I am a blessed mama. And I am happy!


JordanMayTwigs said...


I hope my sale helped!!
I can't wait to get my package.

And thank you agian for doing that for me.
You truely are the best.

Also congrats to your son!!
He seems like a great kid!!

Peace Love && Lipstick

Justine said...

I mowed lawns when I was a young'n, too! Great cash and good exercise!

Auroras_Garden said...

Tyler just came home with another 15 bucks today LOL He is doing good! I am so proud!

jenni benni said...

Happy Birthday Libby!

Elise said...

Hello, I'm leaving a comment for you because you have a great site here - I've really enjoyed reading your posts and your pictures are great !

Thanks for sharing them and have a lovely weekend

curious girl (lisa) said...

beautiful children!