Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maylee's New Friend Kitty

Maylee showing you Kitty's "Puppy". Every tail on everything that has a tail is called a "puppy" Yes even birds have "puppy's"....I love things kids make up, its so cute! Here is Kitty all dressed up to go to the Mosque with Maylee and her father. Yes, Kitty even had to have a Hijab. Maylee is so cute in hers. She will wear her Hijab for going to the Mosque but only if Kitty wears his too!

Kitty going Bye Bye. We havent had to buy him a car seat yet...thank goodness!

Kitty Gets thirsty too!

Even mama loves Kitty!

And of course Maylee loves Kitty And thats all about Maylee's Best friend Kitty. She really loves him so much. It brings tears to my eyes to see how much she cares for him. She is a very nurturing child, she rocks him to sleep and kisses him. She takes good care of Kitty (smiles)

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