Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thank yous from Maylee

I have a couple of people to thank on behalf of Maylee. Her 2nd birthday is coming up on the 15th and This past week I have got so much love from people trying to help out. I aint gonna lie, we were so broke that it didnt look like we were gonna be able to have any kind of birthday for Maylee, and thru a series of miracles here I am just a few days from her birthday and I have three beautiful handmade gifts here for her that were only made possible by the kindness of my dear friend Mari whom I met thru my street team. Mari I cant thank you enough!

The second person I wish to thank is my good friend Marnie of BG2Y on Etsy whom I have sewn for and known online for quite a while now. She was so super kind to make this doll shown in the pictures for Maylee. I got it in last week and it is so beautiful! The face is HAND embroidered! With a little moon and stars on the cheeks! Maylee ADORES moons and stars as much as she loves kitties! And the body of the doll is made with this adorable kitty fabric too. And as if this wasnt enough Marnie sent me a bunch of the kitty fabric to make clothes for Maylee. I intend to get a top, pants, and maybe a tiered skirt out of it all for her. THANK YOU MARNIE!

Another person I would love to thank is Maylee's "Birthday Fairy" I have no idea who this angel is because they did not put a return address on the envelope that contained the money, and they did not sign it, but I want to thank you, whoever you are for your awesome generosity toward my precious baby. I was not expecting to get money in the mail for sure, but there it was and all I could do is hold it and try really hard to not cry cause I was just so overwhelmed, I could feel the love there for sure!
We intend to take the money to buy Maylee a tricycle or a bike with training wheels. She is in love with Tylers "ride it" and she wants to ride it all the time! So now she can have one of her own and it could NOT be possible without Maylee's "Birthday Fairy"

We have also commissioned a hula hoop to be made for her by my good friend Amanda whom I met on Hippiesew who lives pretty close to Louisville here. I am super excited about the hula hoop Amanda said it turned out so awesome! I WILL have pictures I promise! After her birthday I will have pictures of everything we got for Maylee I promise!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! to everyone who helped me to give this sweet baby a wonderful birthday. It really does bring tears to my eyes to know so many people out there care so much about me and my children. And we thank you all from the bottom of our warm fuzzy hearts!

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