Monday, October 12, 2009

Maylee's new pants

I am all about Maylee this week, sorry brothers your turn is later! LOL I made Maylee the cutest pants out of this beautiful blue corduroy I had here.

I used one of the freebie designs from UrbanThreadz on the leg. Its the lolcatz one,( no longer freebie by the way) it stitched out SO good just like all the other designs I have got from there. I made these pants a wee bit big so she can wear them ALL winter, and we can put some bloomers under them if its super cold outside.

Maylee loves kitties so I thought with a kitty on her pants she may not fight us so much to put the pants on her...she is at this phase where she dont want to wear clothes and it often takes me and Noor both to get her dressed, one to hold her down and the other to move in and try to keep from getting kicked in the face to put her pants on. This too will pass...soon I hope!

She is such a sweet baby its hard to imagine she is so vicious about wearing clothing. She will kick me in the throat and face while I am trying to put her pants on and as soon as I am done she is hugging me and giving me sweet baby kisses....she is so sweet but at the same time she has a mean ninja kick!

Maylee has this new thing where when I go to take a picture of her she wants me to take pictures of her hands, and her feet LOL! If she is holding Kitty of course I have to take a picture of him or his "puppy" (Maylee's word for his tail)

So here is a picture of her hands LOL She is so cute in this lil hat!

Soon we will be having birthday pictures I am not sure where we are going or what we are doing but we are leaning toward Krispy Kreme cause its her favorite place. She LOVES donuts!

Me and Noor went to Krispy Kreme ALL the time before she came along, we would just hang out there like the nerds we are talking and stuff, we went there a lot while I was pregnant with her too so it makes sense she would like this place a lot. We will most likely take her there for her birthday and let her get all charged up on donuts with sprinkles. Your only 2 once, right? Party while you can! And at her age eating donuts wont go straight to her hips, so she better enjoy that while it lasts too! LOL

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