Friday, June 13, 2008

DIY Modified Jeans

I love doing jeans. I really do. I just cut loose and have fun with it. I got these jeans from Andrea who sent them for Sara. Now when I got them they was just plain ol every day tapered leg jeans. No big deal..well...NOW they are a pretty big deal. I worked for two days off and on as I had a few minutes in between projects and Maylee to get these done. Truly one of those "spare time" projects. They turned out pretty cool:

You can see the bleach, the ruffles, the cool stuff! Please excuse my hideous couch...I hate it too.

Here you can see the cool grommets and the black ribbon. she HAS to have black its the signature color of goths!

I placed a piece of the ruffle fabric under a star cutout and stitched it down. I just have to wash the jeans to get it to fray real good. Thats gonna look awesome

I used some pure bleach and a medicine dropper to make the cool spots all over these jeans. You can kinda "draw" with that stuff too. I guess a bleach pen would have worked better, but hey I am cheap and I had a medicine dropper handy so I went to work with it LOL

I love that unicorn fabric. Its something Sara fell in love with so I picked up half a yard for this project...she dont know I got it yet LOL She dont know about the jeans either...I am sneaky!

Here is a pic of the back of the jeans:

I did all kinds of cool stuff here. Sara is Wiccan so I did her a nice pentacle.

I even took a cutout of a star that I had cut out of the front, and I sewed it to the bottom of the pants here...It kinda blends in with the bleach spot but its on the leg with the pentagram. Its also gonna look cool once it frays out.

I am sure Sara is gonna love these. I just wanted to show off my newest burst of creativity. I had a massive amount of fun making these, and I have a denim skirt I found hanging out in my closet I am thinking of "fixing" next. I am looking on etsy for some Alexander Henry Skull fabric...thats what Sara likes...I am thinking I am gonna shorten the denim skirt and add a long ruffle of some skull fabric to the bottom of that one. Maybe add in some studs too. I bought some destash studs on etsy too for that skirt...I will post pics when its done!

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pren said...

very cool. and i looove the unicorn fabric. really pretty