Sunday, June 8, 2008

Update on Miss Sara...

Gosh I been busy all weekend so far...I got a minute now so I am trying to catch up LOL.Maylee's teeth...geez, please see blog post below for more info!

Anyhoo, Thanks to some super generous kynd hearted people, I was able to raise 100 bucks for Sara to go get her some clothes. I have also recieved a care package in the mail for her that had some really cool clothes that I think will fit her fine that we are gonna "goth" up a lil bit. Especially the jeans...I love playing with jeans!

I called Sara yesterday and told her the good news...I knew I could catch her at her Godfathers house on the weekends. I had no idea where she may have been thru the week...probably there where its more calm LOL but anyhoo, I told her what I did (I confessed) and told her I had 100 bucks for her to go get clothes and she almost cried...she was so happy. I mentioned Hot Topic and I thought she was gonna jump thru the phone LOL

I had planned on taking her shopping yesterday but she seemed to be busy with her Godfather so I am gonna call her back today and see if her godfather would please share Sara for a few hours so I can play with her???? He shouldnt be so stingy, he can share the Sara. There is enough Sara to go around...he can share.

Hopefully we can get her a bunch of cool clothes today, I hope! I wanted to thank Christina for thoughtful and kynd donation, and I have to thank also Andrea
Whom bought the pants I had made for the Fund for Sara and also pitched in a lil extra. I hope both of you guys get mountains of good stuff in your lives for your big hearts and generosity. Sara is very touched that strangers to her would care so much to give her stuff...this teaches this young lady a huge lesson in giving and in love. Thanks again guys for everything!

Once I take her shopping I am gonna make her pose for pictures LOL You got to see how cute she is all gothed up LOL I love these goth creative!

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