Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sara and her Gothic Clothes/Shopping Spree

Well Sara finally got her some gothic clothes last night. We went to Hot Topic...can you say SUCK real loud?? OK I will confess for the sake of this blog I used to be goth back in the day before it got popular here of course. I was the first goth in Louisville! Anyhoo, there was a Hot Topic back then as it had JUST opened up in the mall. You could indeed get anything and everything gothic. 90% of the contents of the store was black and the other 10% was red. It was GOTHIC. Yesterday I go in there and it is NOT gothic...it just sucks. The clothes are all one variation of small. The prints on the clothes are more this cute "Kawaii" style which I love but still I thought Hot Topic was Goth??

I used to
refer to Hot Topic as "Hell" You go in there, it smells like incense, loud music playing, lights are low...the cashier looks as weird as you do...yeah. Not yesterday. Full lighting, Linkin Park playing kinda loud, interesting cashier..not pierced or interesting at all really. I demand an interesting cashier! I want somebody cool looking to hand my money to! I dont Know what to call Hot Topic now other than that place that sucks.Sara feels the same.

So we leave Hot Topic with me telling her about "back in the day when I was young and goth" stories relating to how much Hot Topic has slid down the crapper. We go in Lane Bryant and that lasted about 5 minutes. High prices (GOD they take advantage of fat women!!!!) Bad fabrics, shitty prints, I could go on and on and on...we go to my second favrorite store in the universe when I was Goth. Its called DEB.

Deb is s super nice place if your chunky and wanna look good but are short on cash. Sara got some Gothic "style" clothes for cheap!

As you can see in this picture where Sara is showing how excited she is to finaly have new clothes that fit, she got that top for 15 bucks I think. It was the most expensive item. That skirt...3 bucks. I do not lie Deb is fabulous. If you have one in your town go there!

We got her a plaid skirt similar to this one shown for 5 b
ucks. a denim skirt that looked like somebody reconstructed blue jeans into a skirt for 8 bucks. a t shirt type top in black of course for 8 bucks.

Her total was 44 bucks for all that stuff. She did pretty darn good. We also have spotted a gothic dress on Etsy she wants more than anything so with the rest of her money we are getting this

Awesome huh? I like it too.It comes in her size as well.

I bought/traded for her as a gift This awesome necklace from my friend Ruby who makes my banners and stuff. Sara about fell out of her chair when she seen it...of course! Ruby is the awesomest when it comes to this stuff. Ya'all give her shop some love!

Thanks again Andrea and Christina for helping me make this happen for Sara. We Aint done yet...gotta get that gothic dress made so I will keep you posted on that!

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