Sunday, June 8, 2008

Maylee has TEETH!

I been so busy comforting her in her teething adventure these past to days since her teeth showed up I havent had two free hands to type and blab AKA blog about her teeth! She is a lil bit crynie (crying+whining=cryning) But she seems to be a real trooper with these new sharp things in her mouth.

You can see in the pic if you look REAL close, you can see her two bottom front teeth. You can see the swelled up gums and all.

Maylee's cute crocheted headscarf was made by none other than momwithahook

Maylee has been doing this weird thing with her tongue...I guess she is having issues with these invaders in her mouth...she keeps sticking her tongue out and she will lick her gums...kinda like some people use their tongue to get food out of their teeth, she uses her tongue to get the baby food out from between her gums...I guess?? Its cute whatever she is doing in there.

Maylee also likes to chew on pretty much everything...even her high chair.

She also thinks she can climb up to the ceiling now....She climbs me a lot. My ears have become nice handles for her to pull herself up with and my bra makes a nice foothold for her to step into. I just hate it when she grabs a handful of hair for a hand hold...thats another reason I like the goddess head wraps LOL

Maylee also has devloped a really interesting is a video:

The hideous noise in the background is Tyler watching some stupid cartoon on the computer (sigh) Please excuse the mess,Maylee did it and she refuses to clean it up hehehehe...I hope you all enjoy seeing her new funky crawl. I have to laugh every time I see her go across the floor LOL. She has upgraded from the belly scoot/crawl to this new broke leg/half walking crawl LOL

I cant get over how fast she is growing!!

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Albina Rose said...

What a cute and adorable little girl! And that crocheted headscarf is very cool!