Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A friend from my Hippiesew group mentioned a new site to sell on that she found...I checked it out. They are having this deal where if you join and list at least 1 item NOW before March 31st they wil waive the 25 dollar registration fee and ALL FEES INVOLVED IN SELLING!!! Yes, you heard me right **FREE SELLING** they will do this for 1 full year but you gotta act NOW. The 31st is coming up quick!

Here is my shop Auroras Garden

The site is called

If you sell go check this out, hey its free! You cant beat free! This adds a wee bit more profit back to you that you dont have to spend selling...usually we are only out a few dollars total but still it adds up guys...check it out!

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SmilesandSunshine said...

I checked this out. My new store is