Thursday, March 27, 2008

This young lady has one incredible shop. I was holding Maylee cause thats all I do nowadays (sigh) and I was messing around on here and I come across Miss Meander’s shop...I was in awe. I have never seen such a cool awesome,unique,gorgeous,wonderful,bootylicious,incredible,fantastic,accessory in all my life! I NEEEEEED one of these...Oh god I NEEEEEEEED it.....

Anyhoo...Go hit her
shop up and tell her Libby sent you over. She says she will give two of you guys a 5 dollar credit to use in her store...5 bucks off whatever you want.She also does custom orders too, and she also makes those super cool Kanzashi hairpieces I blogged about...she is talented!

here and check out the goods!

Oh yeah I aint doing this because of her offering credits and whatnot to you all. I was gonna blog about her shop anyways and I had sent her a convo telling her how awesome she is and she made me this offer...I like to blog about other peoples stuff. I am just continually amazed at the talent out there! I just love the internet and I LOVE ETSY!!! And I love you Miss Meander wherever you are!!!

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