Thursday, March 27, 2008

New craft I wanna try out....always trying new stuff!


I am always looking for new stuff to try out, especially since the clothing business has one foot in the grave...sales are THAT bad, yes..anyhoo...I found this shop on Etsy (I cant stay off of there!) Called Atelier Kanawa

She has the most incredible hair accessories. I watch foreign movies mostly and I had always seen stuff like this in the Japanese movies we watch and I LOVED these hair accessories but never in a million years dreamed I may be able to make such a thing. Now thanks to a sweet young mama, and youtube, I think I can!

I found this user named meandrousart
She has all these videos on how to do stuff but the videos for Kanzashi is what your looking for. Just type in Kanzashi in the search box on her profile page and all of them come up. She shows how to make the frame for the flowers, how to make the flowers, and how to do pretty much the whole thing.Here is the first video just to give you a taste!

She has others just go look!

There is a website based in Japan that has all of the supplies you need to do this with the name is Zipangu-Treasures and they have pretty much whatever you need to make these things. The only thing that I know you could not find here in a zillion years is the "bira-bira" This thing:
It is shiny and looks really cool! I know you could never find this thing here so you would have to buy it on this site. The fabric, you could use a rayon or silky fabric..especially for starters...from the fabric store. When you get good at it then get the expensive stuff! LOL

You could also buy the hair combs and pins from any random store that carries such stuff, or heck, you may have some laying around the house!

This looks like fun and I wanna do it!! I am excited. I need to go get some silky fabric and find some rice glue?? Hmmm...maybe I could use Noor's rice to make glue? LOL I need a hairpin too...I think I may hit up Dollar Tree cause I am a cheapskate...and broke due to the aforementioned business in reference to a grave.....I just wonder if EVERYONE is having bad sales or if its just me?? Maybe my stuff sucks? I am starting to wonder seriously!

When I make one of these things I am gonna post pictures!! I promise! My hubby is gonna think i am hot in one of those things! YAY!!


Anonymous said...

See please here

pren said...

wow! great post. really informative. i dont know if i have the patience to make one of those but it looks really interesting thanks for sharing!