Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cool Etsy Shops

I am all about promoting the work at home crafter in any way possible. I wanted to list some of my favorite stores on Etsy here and share their awesomeness with you guys.

Here is some items from my favorites:

Buy Handmade

Some items are funny, some are just plain gorgeous, some are from friends. All of them are awesome in their own way. And this gives you an idea of what I like. Basically anything pink and green LOL

Here is some cool shops:

Blissful Goods
Mixed Species
The Cozy Corset Cuff
Ugly Teddy
McVille Creations
Sweetheart Sinner

Ok I am getting too tempted to buy something looking thru these shops that have on my favorites list on Etsy! If I was rich...oh man, I would have a house stuffed with cool handmade goods!

I am hoping to get my new mama and me set posted soon. i am gonna see if Tyler will take pics for me. Maylee has been super cranky all week. I guess its her teeth. She is making a lot of "old man" faces where she folds her lips in her mouth and it makes her look like an old man, I have seen so many babies do this, I guess it helps their gums feel better. I hate it they have so much trouble with their gums.She will grow teeth someday!

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