Tuesday, July 14, 2009

48 for Larry Update

Here is an update to whats up with Larry

They have special SNEAK PEEK pages of the silent auction items posted on the blockhead radio site. Here is links to each one as they are today I am positive there will be more than three pages soon! My item is not yet listed on the sneak peek site but the pic of it is to the right

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

I want to thank the members of teambluegrass that have shown so much love to participate in this and the gift basket that Karen (tindlebears) was getting together.

If you want to jump in on the threads on Etsy or Artfire click the respective venue and you will go straight to the thread. As you all know keeping a thread bumped up keeps it going and more people will look at it and hopefully want to get involved.

Another cool thing Larry is doing, And this WAS cleared with John Jacobs before the listing was posted. He has decided to raffle off his grandmothers quilt. Handmade in the 1970's he is letting this beauty go. For 5 bucks you can get 6 chances to win. Drawing will be held in August I believe, see listing for details!

There is also a facebook group 48 For Larry that you can join if your on facebook.

There are also some posts on Votehandmade that you can vote up if you like. If you havent been to votehandmade be prepared to be addicted. This site is so fun! Registration is super easy and you build Karma as you participate in the voting and submission of items you like. Votehandmade was built using Reddit technology so if you have been to reddit you know pretty much already how votehandmade works. Its a lot of fun for sure!

You can also tweet about Larry to get the word out for him there is a link on the 48 for Larry page that you can click "retweet" and it will automatically send you to twitter with the tweet ready to send!

No matter what you do even if its just tweeting about him, or helping spread the word on facebook or donating a gift certificate to your shop or an item its all for a great cause!

We love you Larry!!!!!!!!

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