Saturday, July 11, 2009

Artfire's New look and call for Mavens!

Artfire has updated the "MyArtfire" page. It is SOOO nice, let me elaborate!

You can see your last 3 months worth of earnings. It lists how many sales for each month and the total earnings you made for each month....niiiice

You can also see ALLL your chatterbox posts (their Forum) so if you want to you can check up on threads you have posted on with ease!

You can see in detail for this month all your sales and the total amount of each sale

You can see all the Admin announcements, and Admin actually makes announcements over there to keep us updated on whats up with the site! Even the bad things like the power outage a couple weeks ago they was on it letting us know what happened to make Artfire go down.

You can also see the guilds you belong to and can click on them to go to the guild page that is set up within artfire....

we dont get that on other sites...other sites (not naming names!) still have placeholder pages for their teams section...shows how much they love the teams...but I am not gonna start slamming "the other" site...

Artfire Also needs more Mavens(click there to see the thread about it). If anyone wants to be a Maven for Artfire they want to raise our ranks to 250 people instead of 100. If anyone out there is interested tell Sara you seen this invite on my blog my user ID on the mavens group is Mayleesgarden of course...and you can email Sara at and put "Maven" in the subject line and she will get you hooked up!

Being a Maven has been an awesome experience for me, we know what Artfire is planning before they roll it out for the rest of the members. I knew about the new My Artfire page before it was live, I just didnt have time to blog about it....Time is a rare commodity nowadays, if anyone has some please email it to me LOL!

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