Friday, July 17, 2009

Another 48 for Larry update

I am really into this cause, guys. Cant ya tell. When I get passionate about something I don't quit till the job is here is some more links for ya and some updates.

Blockhead Rod posted a blog today giving a link to the Governor of the state of North Carolina where Larry lives.

Larry had his medicaid rejected right after he found out he needed his surgery to save his life...imagine how scary that must feel....seriously. You have a doctor telling you that you will die within 18 months if you dont have a gastric bypass and then your state decides that because your rolling in the dough with your big ol 380 a week paycheck that you cant have your medicaid any more...Hmmm...And the 380 is supposed to take care of 3 people now?? I dont see them as being rich, sorry State of North Carolina. Fail.

SO what can you do?? Email the fine Governor! Give her a nice and polite piece of your mind. Maybe if we swamp the fine Governor with emails she will get involved and possibly Larry could get his medicaid back. Just think of the $2,000 dollar a month bill for his meds? Golly Gee! And he HAS to have his meds, there is no option. he is Diabetic. He has to have it...but wait! His wife's big fat 380 dollar a week check can pay it! Yep, when pigs fly backwards and hell freezes over my friends!

Please note there is a donation button on the BHR site if anyone has a spare buck or two they can part with, this is for a wonderful cause. With something like this every dollar counts. Just think if this post was seen by 100 people and those 100 people sent 5 bucks to Larry...that adds up!

I have made a special section in my artfire shop JUST for the 48forlarry charity. If you buy ANYTHING in that section I will donate all the money minus shipping and paypal fees to Larry. I seen a couple others doing this and thought I would be a copycat and jump on the bandwagon, Hey its for a great cause!

And dont forget about the quilt being raffled off!

I am not the kind of person who gives to big name charities, I dont trust em.Red Cross and the like can just go on somewhere, I dont want to give money to something like that where I have NO idea where the money really goes and I seriously doubt it helps anyone.... However a cause like this, I would give my last dime. I know Larry is a for real guy with a for real problem. He is a brother crafter, and a fellow human. For that I love him. I wanna help, and I hope this post is seen by others of like mind. LOVE YOU LARRY!!!!!!!!!!

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