Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My new crochet habit

Yes, its a "habit" I dont pick up hobbies like a normal person I aquire "Habits" like anything that needs a good 12 step program, yarn addiction is right up there with my treasury and fabric addiction...its just newer.

I feel like a total putz for picking up knitting last year. i failed miserably at it but I honestly thought that the only stuff you could make with crochet was granny squares, boy was I wrong or what!

This here is a knitted and then felted shoe I crocheted for Maylee...yes there is a match to it finally, after two tries I got one that was close. It is HARD making two shoes that match even if you follow the same pattern...WHY is this??!!

You can see on the one shoe how I used a fuzzy yarn and then when I felted the whole thing it became part of the shoe...cool huh? My neighbor LOVED these shoes...but when she seen me working on this:

She squealed with delight...now I am by no means finished with this...I am just getting started. I found the pattern in this book I got from the library and decided to use this yarn I found on clearance:

Its rainbow colored...I am almost done with the whole ball of yarn and am nowhere near done with my poncho/scarf thing...so I am gonna have to get creative here. I was thinking of using some of this wool rainbow yarn I got on it and a bigger hook...still thinking on it though and when its long enough I will post pictures! If it stays this kind of weather (60's and 70's) It will be the perfect weather to wear this! I love rainbow stuff.

I made a kitchen towel that is lopsided, and a ball for Maylee that looks defective but still functions as a ball LOL Those were my first attempts at stuff. I started on the poncho thing while the wind was blowing Sunday from that wretched hurricane.

So now I am an official yarn addict...I would even like to spin my own yarn someday but thats for another time...I can only handle so many addictions at once. I will be shearing the kids for their hair to spin LOL

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Pren said...

that rainbow yarn is really nice. i think i have that too. is that lion brand boucle?