Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I took Maylee out this afternoon walking on the street in front of our house. She was so adorable I had to post a video I made of her. There are some pictures below that came out super good. I am getting pretty handy with the camera!
Maylee is wearing a pair of corduroy pants courtesy of my dear beautiful friend Elizabeth. She was kind enough to send a little extra yardage with the fabric she bought for her custom so I could make Maylee these incredible pants...so Elizabeth if your reading this, just know this is what your pants look like only taller and with ruffles at the bottom LOL. They will be on their way out to ya tomorrow! LOL
The shoes Maylee is wearing are the ones in the last blog post, they are the felted ones I crocheted...or rather the crocheted ones I felted...yeah.
And yes the poor babe's shirt IS on backwards...its been one of those days, its a wonder my own shirt isnt on backwards LOL
Oh and she really isnt picking her nose in the video...it just looks like it. her nose itched I guess...
And turn up the sound cause she makes some cute baby noises as she is walking all alone in da hood....


rockcreekcreations said...

Hi There, I found your blog from your etsy shop, which I found from a comment on my treasury, which you found from my blog that you found from an ad on indiego. Did I get that right?!? LOL!

Thanks for your comments on my treasury.

Say, the photo of Maylee and the boy walking looks like my kids. I have an almost 11yo son and a 16mo daughter. If you scroll down my blog, you will see a photo of them.

Nice reading your blog, I'll be back. Marge

Pren said...

omg *ded* so cute. i really like the low angles of those pix too. you are getting good! p.s. did you see on etsy i bought soap a few days ago :0) yay! soap!