Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike blows thru Kentucky

And he makes me mad! GRRRR! S0 we were without power Sunday all day and they finally got it back on thru the night sometime. Whats weird is we are super lucky, cause most of the city looks to be without power. As some of you know, I dont watch TV and I dont read a lot of mainstream print media like magazines and newspapers, so I am out of touch on a lot of things and I just figured since we had power that a lot of the city did too...I was so wrong!

I had to go out last night all over town to run some errands and I was in the east end as well as downtown and in the west end and in the city I noticed some blocks had power and street lights and then some blocks didnt. Almost the whole west end was dark, and out here in my part of town in the south end, there is more power here than anywhere I seen last night. The Burger King on the corner of my street is without power, but the KFC next to it is fully functioning...my whole street has power but not Burger King....weird.

My neighbors tree fell on her house and part of it took out my fence too. I am gonna miss that tree a lot. I hope it didnt damage her roof any. She had three strong looking young men clearing the tree out yesterday, so its all off her roof now. i hope she has no leaks.

I read in the local paper online....cause I got curious....that a 10 year old boy here died in the wind storm. He was mowing grass and the wind knocked a limb out of a tree and it hit him in the head and he died...Tyler is 10, so that story got me where it hurt. I can only imagine how the family feels and I wish there was something I could do to take their pain away. Its the worst thing in the universe to lose a child. I wish I could hug the whole family.

So yeah, its pretty bad here and I am not worried about my fence in the least, its no big deal really, compared to what some others are dealing with, I came out lucky...very lucky. A lot of other mamas with babies are sitting here in Louisville with no power and I feel for them...some people lost their houses by trees falling on them and some people got hurt. I know I sure was scared Sunday. With winds like that anything could happen. It wasnt as bad as a tornado but it was pretty darn close.

My prayers go to all the families that were involved in this hurricane from the TX area on up, as Ike makes its way across America. I pray Ike dont come back...or any of his family. We dont need their kind around here! LOL

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