Monday, May 12, 2008

Made new soap for Maylee's Garden shop

I made a HUGE batch of nag champa. I made another HUGE batch of "Vanilla Patchouli" I put real vanilla bean specks in the vanilla part and the patchouli is plain...I layered them in the mold and they should look really cool once the vanilla part gets more brown.

I also made a "Sandalwood Lavender" Very very nice! I got a bunch of it too.

Thats all I got. No little batches, just three pretty big ones. I got enough Nag Champa to last a while!

I am also trying out new packaging too!

See what you think:


I should have this ready to go in
Maylees Shop by tonight!

I will let you all know when its ready!

1 comment:

pren said...

very pretty. just remember that the cost of wrapping is comming out of your price. i would hate to have you undersell your wonderful soaps. the white paper wrapping was nice to tho because it held the scent in really well and protected the soap while shipping. maybe you should wrap them in the paper then the pretty stuff cause if you didnt want to use them right away all the scent wouldnt go away when you were ready to use it.