Monday, May 12, 2008

Update on my shops!

well...I made a shop for my soap on Etsy. I named it Maylee's Garden...she has to have one too ya know!

I figured the soap and clothes should be seperate. I think this is a good business move?? If it proves to NOT be a good business move I will keep everything in Auroras Garden. I have promoted Auroras Garden so much everyone knows where it is, but Maylee's garden is not getting much attention. I havent had time to promote it much.

I made a myspace page for Maylee's Garden If your on myspace be her friend! She likes friends.

If your on Etsy, make her a favorite shop!

I still have soap in my shop, but I am putting all new soaps in Maylees shop.

I have also marked all the soap in Auroras Garden at 3.00 to move it out quicker so I can make this transition quicker cause I am impatient!! Just CLICK HERE and you will go to the sale section I HOPE! I think I added the right address in that link LOL

In maylees garden I am also offering a sample set of soaps in retro 60's scents. You get about a 1 oz chunk of nag champa,patchouli,sandalwood, and amber. Just so you can Publish Posttry them all. Its 4 bucks for a set plus shipping. I plan on making more sets like this as soon as I can get time, and I also need to make a listing for samples of ALL the scents for people who want to try a bunch for cheap. I just got to get the time!! AHHH!! Things are so crazy in my life right now. I am meeting myself coming and going. I vent more on my myspace blog, cause I have to vent. Life gets hard sometimes and I just HAVE to type when I am stressed LOL

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