Saturday, May 17, 2008

Awesome new site like paypal!

I am so stoked!

OK this site seems to be free for the most part. It isnt as fully featured as PayPal with the debit card and all that, but this site will allow you to transfer funds between you and another person who is a member for FREE! This means you got a mom and dad 70 miles away and you need money? NOT a problem! No more having to pay PayPal fees on that money! Want to buy something from my shop but are short on cash! NOT a problem! Money Exchange give you 25 bucks for signing up, and thats no joke. All I had to do to get thru the signup was enter my name address phone number, blah blah, and they DID ask for my SS# (Socialist Security Number) at the last step. But after that your account is credited with 25 bucks, and you have the option of linking it to your bank account and adding more, very similar to PayPal.

They seem to be making their money by charging you to withdraw your funds. Its like 2 bucks for a check, and FREE money transfers to your bank but they can take a few days...a check can too! They also have overdraft fees and all that crap like a bank. You cannot overdraw PayPal, trust me if you could I would have already done it LOL I have yet to overdraw PayPal LOL

But here is the button. If you click this link it takes you there and I get a lil something for referring you. My email address is so you know the right one is showing up when you click thru.

Thanks guys, and get your butt in my shop and spend some of this free money!

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