Monday, April 21, 2008

Showin off the new skillz!

Me and mommy put our heads together and figured out the mystery of the wrap skirt. Once I got this made I needed a automatic butt kicker cause this is way easy LOL.

So now us plus sized ladies finally have a nice wrap skirt. I plan on making LOTS more of these this week.

This one here was made with a vintage bedsheet and the colors are pink and green...yep, my favorite!

I used some eyelet lace on the edge of the outside and on the inside too so that they match.

This skirt fits a 48 inch waist all the way to a 56 inch waist. I had to wear this down on my hips a bit cause it was a bit too big for me. I know one thing it sure was comfortable to wear. I am so glad I made it!

You can of course find this on Etsy
I have it listed in my store for 40 bucks and shipping is priority mail at 5 bucks and free shipping if you buy anything else in the store! I still got plenty of soap so what are ya waiting for!

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