Monday, February 25, 2008

Newest the making!

I am working with some more of those Homespun cottons again.I really like those a lot.The texture of the fabric makes me think of old-timey stuff.
i like the way this fabric frays so nice and easy soooo...
i found some of this in a pink gingham and a green favorite color combo ever! I cut a buncha 5 and 1/2 inch squares and i am well on my way to making an all patchwork skirt that looks like a rag quilt!!I am sewing all the seams so that they are on the outside like a rag quilt

I wish I had a picture of my work in progress but my laptop is still gone being repaired and i dont have any photo editing software on this desktop computer I am using.The pic here is the rag quilt I made for Maylee while I was pregnant.I made a diaper bag to match too!

As soon as I get my laptop back I will have pictures of this new skirt...hell it may be done by then LOL.

I plan on putting this in my Etsy shop too as soon as its all done.I am really excited about this piece.I have never seen a rag quilt skirt, so this is unique and unusual!

I am also gonna be making some more lil mama smocked dresses to sell too. I found this fabric today that has ice cream cones on it...I like ice cream cones *smiles* I found another fabric that has lollipops on it CUTE! I cant wait to make these lil' dresses. I get so excited over new fabrics LOL.

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