Friday, February 22, 2008

Squidoo Lens

I was so inspired by a friends squidoo lens Cute Etsy
I had to make one of my own! Hippie Patchwork on Squidoo

I think the way these lens things work is, the more traffic your page gets the higher it ranks?? Then as it ranks higher then it becomes searchable, meaning it turns up in search engines and stuff...I am not toally 100% sure on this, I just read thru the squidoo site real quick yesterday.

I wanted to make a page where all of our links to our etsy shops could be in one place and hopefully it will get us all some business!! I know it cant hurt nothin to try. as soon as my page gets popular enough I was going to use it to join some groups and that will get us even more exposure. I am excited!

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