Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rag Quilt Skirt

I am so proud of my skirt!

Its so fuzzy and frayed and raggedy. I just love it.

I did something different with the ruffle on this. I used
Kelly's idea of using dental floss and zig-zagging over it and then kind of drawing the whole ruffle up so its ruffley...It works! I like the effect and I dont have to spend ages makeing ruffles.

This skirt was made out of that homespun cotton I like so much. It frays so nice, much nicer than regular quilters cotton. I only straight stitched the patches and I made almost a full inch seam allowance to get the most fray. I think this skirt would hold up a long time cause I used a tight, tiny stitch to make it.

the waist is 58 inches I think, so this will fit almost everyone. I am so proud of this skirt. I wish I had better pictures. If this skirt sells pretty quick I will make another one most definitly! It was super fun to make and I would love to make another one.

Well I hear my little sweetheart talking to herself in the bedroom and squealing and screaming...she's my little screamer LOL She isnt hurting, just excercising her voice, and my goodness that little baby has a big voice! Gotta go get my lil screamer!

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