Tuesday, February 26, 2008

That Squidoo page

I know I get just a little too excited about this stuff but that page is now number 54 in the DIY category and 938 out of all categories...at one time it was number 3 thousand something. I am so happy its doing so good! This means all of our shops get exposure!

There is a place on Squidoo where I can check the stats of the page. this is where I can see what shops have been clicked on and how many times a unique person clicked on it...the top 3 shops are Earth and sun creations, Dirty Hippie Designs, and Blessed Moon Creations

Silver Begonia is a close number 4 ( I love her hemp!) and Phunkybrewster has had the same amount of clicks as Silver Begonia.

So thats the top 5 most clicked on shops in that list. if you are curious as to how your shop is doing just holler at me and I will check it out for you . My own shop has had 16 clicks so far!YAY!! I havent made any sales from this but I think maybe some of the other girls have..i am HOPING they have made sales from it. I am so excited!!

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