Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Straight up Redneck Style!

I want to say first off: DO NOT DO THIS CRAZY STUFF AT HOME!

In desperation for a ladder to finish the electric project my ingenious hubs devised this contraption. I just have to share with you guys cause its so hilarious!

First we needed one of those TALLL ladders like the ones professional guys use who work on these big poles. Well we dont have one or the money to buy one so hubs thought up this idea...park the van under the pole, tie the ladder to the pole and hope it reaches up high enough to bolt down that big pipe thingy hanging from the top.

So up the ladder he goes. It is tied and secured as much as possible, but he still risked life and limb to climb up this monstrosity to bolt this pipe thingy to the pole. I had my camera ready to take a pic when he mean to take pics of the successfull operation! Yeah...Anyhoo!

Here you can see the top of the pole thanks to the cool zoom on my camera. Thats what he was bolting down to the pole. And all the crazy wires hanging out is what the electric company tied into their wires so we could have electric. I think that day they turned it on was among the happiest days I have ever had. 2 months of doing without electric and being sucked dry by a gas hog generator was too much!

And here he is all done and still alive to tell the tale of how he rigged up this amazing contraption to get our electric finished up.

He wanted to make a tutorial for you guys out there on how to put the electric box and wires all together that runs from your home to the electric pole. Someday he may get time, for now he is working himself in the ground to pay off everyone we begged and borrowed from to meet the unending demands of Grayson County Kentucky for inspections,unnecessary work to our house, and more inspections of unnecessary work... (IE: we had to have our trailer leveled and tied down to STATE regulations before they would let us have electric. We had to have a septic tank installed before they would let us have it. We also had to have a housing inspection so some guy I dont even know can charge me 100 bucks to tell me if my house is safe to live in or not. I am not THAT stupid. There was inspection fees for the septic tank, the house, the electric job Noor did hooking everything up to the electric companies requirements after all this it took from June 20th till 2 weeks ago to get this done..and we borrowed ourselves back into a pit of debt were we wont see the light of day from in a while....Am I bitter?, YES! Am I angry? You betcha! Am I gonna do anything about it? I sure want to, if I can get some free time I want these laws to change so others dont have to go thru the hell we went thru, there has to be SOMEONE to complain to out there!)

So when we are once again debt free, then maybe we can get that electrifying tutorial together, for now we are enjoying the heck out of electric...

Next job: Running water!
If you remember the well from a previous episode, we have our trailer set about 90 feet from the well. Running the water line to the trailer shouldnt take more than a weekend we hope...the hard part is digging a 90 foot long and 18 inch deep ditch to bury the water line in. yay.
For now hubs has rigged up this crazy contraption that sucks water from the well, thru a big pipe running under the house and into the front yard by the door. I can catch the water in large containers to flush the toilet (yeah we finally got a toilet YAY!) and stuff. Its easier than packing water in from moms house. So in a couple of weeks we should have the money to run real water lines and stuff...I hope! After thats done we should be all set...well we will have the basic needs met anyways...

I wish I could have kept up with this blog better, but with no electric, water, or anything for that matter its been rough. We just now got internet at home friday morning, Thank goodness!

I keep thinking with all the thousands of dollars we blew on getting electric service from these shiesters we could have got a helluva solar array going on....oh well...we will be able to tell them where to get off at in a few years (evil laugh)

Here is a cute Maylee picture as an added bonus for reading this far and putting up with my whining and complaining LOL! I missed everyone and am trying to catch up with everyone on facebook, and hopefully I can get back over to Hippiesew soon to catch up with my 2nd family over there. I miss you guys BAD!

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