Thursday, August 26, 2010

Redneck Asian Style Running Water Contraption

          The force of the water coming out of the pipe is so great we had to use one of the strongest materials on earth to tie it to that metal shelf...DUCT TAPE!

Amazing isnt it? Let me tell you how this contraption works.

First Hubs tied a sump pump to a stick, and tied the outlet pipe coming from the sump pump to the stick...there is a LONG pipe going into the well that you cant see cause I am NOT taking all that crap from the top of the well, I may fall in! AHHHH!

The pipe runs from the sump pump hanging in the well all the way out to our trailer, about 90 feet....yes those are blackberry briars,and yes the blackberries were rather good this year but my goodness the thorns!

Anyhoo, we have this contraption rigged up so when you plug in the sump pump from inside the front door, the pump comes on and you hear this rumbling inside the pipe...then out of nowhere ice cold water comes GUSHING out of the pipe and you can catch it in a clean garbage can like we have set up here...then you can take it in the house for whatever you need it for. Hey it works well for now! I am happy! Its better than nothing which is what we had before...just packing water in gallon jugs.

I am NOT drinking this stuff, it slightly smells of sulphur and thats just gross...but the water works great for everything else! Its clear as it can be and ice cold. Mom says thats a sign it comes from an underground spring. I hope shes right!

Next week we hope to get the well pump in the well and get the water hooked up RIGHT. But for now this works, and Noor rigged this up with his own brand of Asian redneck genius and with materials we already had on hand. Clever huh?

Stay tuned for more clever Redneck Asian Contraptions coming soon! LOL!

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