Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Moving to the country...gonna eat a lot of peaches!

I like that song...anyhoo! I wanted to update my followers on our land and us moving! As you remember in late 2008  we bought some land in Breckinridge county Kentucky well we are FINALLY moving to it!

We are working on catching some non muddy days so we can actually move our mobile home to it. The home we bought was cheap enough, it needs work obviously but by golly its MINE! Aint no bank can take this sucker I OWN it! LOL And I get to do some interior decorating which I LOVE to do!
We have a lot to do to the land itself before its ready to move onto. we have to move the trailer first then get the septic tank put in. Then we have to figure out how to hook up our well...yeah a well!
I found this yesterday when I was walking all over the land. We have two huge piles of weathered lumber and shingles on the land. This is one of the main reasons I picked this particular parcel. Even though no one said anything about the possibility of there being an old homesite here...the evidence remained. I knew it could have been an old house OR it could have been an old barn that was there...I am thinking after my investigation yesterday that one of the piles was a house. 1st clue is the well and second clue is:

Under ALLL that crap is a hole/tunnel/cellar/basement some kind of opening is under all that mess. My theory is its a cellar and this is the remains of an old house...we will see! I am not brave enough to move any of that stuff around cause its a HUGE pile, but I definitly seen a hole of some kind that looks deep under it all. I am excited to get it cleared off!

Anyhoo, after we get the septic tank installed and the well hooked up then there is the problem of electric...We can continue to kiss electric company booty, OR we can go solar. It would be WAY cheaper in the long run and I wouldnt mind living off limited electric for a short time till we can get a bigger array of panels and batteries going. We will make up our mind for sure when we price the cost of having electric run to our land. if its over 1000 bucks we are going solar baby! My mom says it shouldnt be more than 200...but we are pretty far back from any main roads.

My main goal at some point is to live off the grid, and be 100% self sufficient in an eco friendly home of some kind (I like cob!) with no need for electric or water companies and their bills. I hope to someday not need money for anything to sustain my family. Thats my goal and I am well on my way!

My short term goal is to make our living expenses cheap enough that my soap business can pay the bills. Once we get moved in this will be a reality. I want to generate money from the land, and hopefully get my husband set up with some kind of mechanic/car repair shop. I have a lot of goals but at least we are moving forward and not stuck in the mud like we have been for the past 6 years we have owned this house. I am a very blessed woman! I am so happy Maylee can spend the rest of her years in such a beautiful place...with chicknens.

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